ILR Press


A New New Deal
How Regional Activism Will Reshape the American Labor Movement
Amy B. Dean, David B. Reynolds
Moving Up in the New Economy
Career Ladders for U.S. Workers
Joan Fitzgerald
Freelancing Expertise
Contract Professionals in the New Economy
Debra Osnowitz
Selling Technology
The Changing Shape of Sales in an Information Economy
Asaf Darr
On the Front Line
Organization of Work in the Information Economy
Stephen Frenkel, Marek Korczynski, Karen A. Shire, May Tam
Converging Divergences
Worldwide Changes in Employment Systems
Harry C. Katz, Owen Darbishire
Culture of Misfortune
An Interpretive History of Textile Unionism in the United States
Clete Daniel
Voices in the Band
A Doctor, Her Patients, and How the Outlook on AIDS Care Changed from Doomed to Hopeful
Susan C. Ball
Collaborative Caring
Stories and Reflections on Teamwork in Health Care
The State of Working America
Lawrence Mishel, Josh Bivens, Elise Gould, Heidi Shierholz
Failure by Design
The Story behind America's Broken Economy
Josh Bivens
Mobilizing against Inequality
Unions, Immigrant Workers, and the Crisis of Capitalism
From Iron Rice Bowl to Informalization
Markets, Workers, and the State in a Changing China
Industrial and Labor Relations Terms
A Glossary
Robert W. Doherty
Disunited States of America
Employment Relations Systems in Conflict
Collective Bargaining under Duress
Case Studies of Major North American Industries
Industrial Valley
Ruth McKenney
The Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker
Theresa Serber Malkiel

Other recent titles
A World of Work
Imagined Manuals for Real Jobs
Unknotting the Heart
Unemployment and Therapeutic Governance in China
Jie Yang
If We Can Win Here
The New Front Lines of the Labor Movement
Fran Quigley
The Origins of Right to Work
Antilabor Democracy in Nineteenth-Century Chicago
Cedric de Leon
Working through the Past
Labor and Authoritarian Legacies in Comparative Perspective
Labor Relations in a Globalizing World
Harry C. Katz, Thomas A. Kochan, Alexander J. S. Colvin
Better Must Come
Exiting Homelessness in Two Global Cities
Matthew D. Marr
Class Lives
Stories from across Our Economic Divide
Songs of the Factory
Pop Music, Culture, and Resistance
Marek Korczynski
They Never Come Back
A Story of Undocumented Workers from Mexico
Frans J. Schryer
Labor Guide to Labor Law
Bruce S. Feldacker, Michael J. Hayes
Insurgency Trap
Labor Politics in Postsocialist China
Eli Friedman
The Next Crash
How Short-Term Profit Seeking Trumps Airline Safety
Amy L. Fraher
Missing Class
Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures
Betsy Leondar-Wright