Fall Creek Books

Fall Creek Books is an imprint of Cornell University Press dedicated to making available again classic books that document the history, culture, natural history, and folkways of New York State. Presented in new paperback editions that faithfully reproduce the contents of the original editions, Fall Creek Books titles will appeal to all readers interested in New York and the state's rich past.


Cornell University
Founders and the Founding
Carl L. Becker

Other recent titles
A Stripe of Tammany's Tiger
Louis Eisenstein, Elliot Rosenberg
French Refugees in the Western Adirondacks, 1793–1814
Edith Pilcher
Upstate Travels
British Views of Nineteenth-Century New York
Vanishing Ironworks of the Ramapos
The Story of the Forges, Furnaces, and Mines of the New Jersey–New York Border Area
James M. Ransom
No Drums
A Novel
E. R. Eastman
The Settlers
A Novel
E. R. Eastman
The Golden Age of Homespun
Jared van Wagenen, Jared van Van Wagenen
Indian Affairs in Colonial New York
The Seventeenth Century
Allen W. Trelease
Charles Evans Hughes
Politics and Reform in New York, 1905–1910
Robert F. Wesser
Chapters of Erie
Henry Adams, Charles Francis Adams
Frontier Settlement and Market Revolution
The Holland Land Purchase
Charles E. Brooks
Islands of Holiness
Rural Religion in Upstate New York, 1790–1860
Curtis D. Johnson
The Building of Cities
Development and Conflict
Harvey H. Kaiser
New York City, 1664–1710
Conquest and Change
Thomas J. Archdeacon