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On Duties
Marcus Tullius Cicero
The Experts' War on Poverty
Social Research and the Welfare Agenda in Postwar America
Romain D. Huret
For the Common Good
A New History of Higher Education in America
Charles Dorn
Armed with Expertise
The Militarization of American Social Research during the Cold War
Joy Rohde
Rum and Axes
The Rise of a Connecticut Merchant Family, 1795–1850
Janet Siskind
Investing in Financial Research
A Decision-Making System for Better Results
Cheryl Strauss Einhorn
The Dark Side of Paradise
Political Violence in Bali
Geoffrey Robinson
Cambodian Culture since 1975
Homeland and Exile
Rebuilding Public Institutions Together
Professionals and Citizens in a Participatory Democracy
Albert W. Dzur
The Politics of Voter Suppression
Defending and Expanding Americans' Right to Vote
Tova Andrea Wang
A New New Deal
How Regional Activism Will Reshape the American Labor Movement
Amy B. Dean, David B. Reynolds
Class Lives
Stories from across Our Economic Divide
Freelancing Expertise
Contract Professionals in the New Economy
Debra Osnowitz
Selling Technology
The Changing Shape of Sales in an Information Economy
Asaf Darr
Handbook of Frogs and Toads of the United States and Canada
Albert Hazen Wright, Anna Allen Wright
Handbook of Turtles
The Turtles of the United States, Canada, and Baja California
Archie Carr
Speaking of Slavery
Color, Ethnicity, and Human Bondage in Italy
Steven A. Epstein
The Divorce of Lothar II
Christian Marriage and Political Power in the Carolingian World
Karl Heidecker
Political Theory for Mortals
Shades of Justice, Images of Death
John E. Seery
The Maxwellians
Bruce J. Hunt
Hospitality Branding
Chekitan S. Dev, Chekitan Dev
On the Front Line
Organization of Work in the Information Economy
Stephen Frenkel, Marek Korczynski, Karen A. Shire, May Tam
Amphibians of East Africa
Alan Channing, Kim Howell
Tiger Beetles
The Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity of the Cicindelids
David L. Pearson, Alfried P. Vogler
Solitary Wasps
Behavior and Natural History
Kevin O'Neill
Communicating Climate Change
A Guide for Educators
Anne K. Armstrong, Marianne E. Krasny, Jonathon P. Schuldt
Limits to Decolonization
Indigeneity, Territory, and Hydrocarbon Politics in the Bolivian Chaco
Penelope Anthias
Bang Chan
Social History of a Rural Community in Thailand
Lauriston Sharp, Lucien M. Hanks
On Roman Religion
Lived Religion and the Individual in Ancient Rome
Jorg Rupke, Jörg Rüpke
Machines as the Measure of Men
Science, Technology, and Ideologies of Western Dominance
Michael Adas
Immigrants in the Lands of Promise
Italians in Buenos Aires and New York City, 1870–1914
Samuel L. Baily
Converging Divergences
Worldwide Changes in Employment Systems
Harry C. Katz, Owen Darbishire
Culture of Misfortune
An Interpretive History of Textile Unionism in the United States
Clete Daniel
Taming Japan's Deflation
The Debate over Unconventional Monetary Policy
Gene Park, Saori Katada, Saori N. Katada, Giacomo Chiozza, Yoshiko Kojo
Central Banks and Gold
How Tokyo, London, and New York Shaped the Modern World
Simon James Bytheway, Mark Metzler
Good Governance Gone Bad
How Nordic Adaptability Leads to Excess
Darius Ornston
The Venture Capital State
The Silicon Valley Model in East Asia
Robyn Klingler-Vidra
The Costs of Conversation
Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime
Oriana Skylar Mastro
When Right Makes Might
Rising Powers and World Order
Stacie Goddard, Stacie E. Goddard
Heinrich Kaan's "Psychopathia Sexualis" (1844)
A Classic Text in the History of Sexuality
Heinrich Kaan
Under the Strain of Color
Harlem's Lafargue Clinic and the Promise of an Antiracist Psychiatry
Gabriel N. Mendes
Divine Providence
The Molinist Account
Thomas P. Flint
The Excursion
William Wordsworth
"On Baile's Strand"
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats
"Where There Is Nothing" and "The Unicorn from the Stars"
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats, Lady Gregory
A 21st Century Genocide
Gerard Prunier
Independent Diplomat
Dispatches from an Unaccountable Elite
Carne Ross
Wounds of War
How the VA Delivers Health, Healing, and Hope to the Nation's Veterans
Suzanne Gordon
Cancer Crossings
A Brother, His Doctors, and the Quest for a Cure to Childhood Leukemia
Tim Wendel
The Gumilev Mystique
Biopolitics, Eurasianism, and the Construction of Community in Modern Russia
Mark Bassin
Border Work
Spatial Lives of the State in Rural Central Asia
Madeleine Reeves
All Good Books Are Catholic Books
Print Culture, Censorship, and Modernity in Twentieth-Century America
Una M. Cadegan
Catholics in the American Century
Recasting Narratives of U.S. History
Ancient Israel
Harry M. Orlinsky
The Age of Reformation
E. Harris Harbison
Words of the Uprooted
Jewish Immigrants in Early Twentieth-Century America
Robert A. Rockaway
The Six Nations of New York
The 1892 United States Extra Census Bulletin
Henry B. Carrington
The Evils of Polygyny
Evidence of Its Harm to Women, Men, and Society
Rose McDermott
The State of Working America
Lawrence Mishel, Josh Bivens, Elise Gould, Heidi Shierholz
Failure by Design
The Story behind America's Broken Economy
Josh Bivens
Anthropogenic Rivers
The Production of Uncertainty in Lao Hydropower
Jerome Whitington
The Technocratic Antarctic
An Ethnography of Scientific Expertise and Environmental Governance
Jessica O'Reilly
Mobilizing against Inequality
Unions, Immigrant Workers, and the Crisis of Capitalism
From Iron Rice Bowl to Informalization
Markets, Workers, and the State in a Changing China
The Nature of the Chemical Bond
An Introduction to Modern Structural Chemistry
Linus Pauling
Industrial and Labor Relations Terms
A Glossary
Robert W. Doherty
Indonesia Journal
April 2017
Indonesia Journal
October 2016
The Earliest Icelandic Chronicle of the Norwegian Kings (1030–1157)
Inequality, Uncertainty, and Opportunity
The Varied and Growing Role of Finance in Labor Relations
Disunited States of America
Employment Relations Systems in Conflict
Between the Hills and the Sea
K.B. Gilden, K. B. Gilden
Industrial Valley
Ruth McKenney
A Song of Thebes
Civilization and Disease
Henry E. Sigerist
The Ambiguities of Experience
James March, James G. March
Inside the Presidency of Bill Clinton
Recapturing the Oval Office
New Historical Approaches to the American Presidency
The "Odyssey" in Athens
Myths of Cultural Origins
Erwin F. Cook
Mythologizing Performance
Richard P. Martin
Raja Yudhisthira
Kingship in Epic Mahabharata
Kevin McGrath
The Archidamian War
Donald Kagan
Woody Plants of the Northern Forest
Quick Guide
Jerry Jenkins
Woody Plants of the Northern Forest
A Photographic Guide
Jerry Jenkins
Maine Sublime
Frederic Edwin Church's Landscapes of Mount Desert and Mount Katahdin
John Wilmerding
Fern Hunting among These Picturesque Mountains
Frederic Edwin Church in Jamaica
Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser, Katherine Manthorne
Troubled Waters
Insecurity in the Persian Gulf
Mehran Kamrava
Transforming the Clunky Organization
Pragmatic Leadership Skills for Breaking Inertia
Samuel B. Bacharach
The Agenda Mover
When Your Good Idea Is Not Enough
Samuel B. Bacharach
A Gift of the Spirit
Reading "The Souls of Black Folk"
Eugene Victor Wolfenstein
Escaping Auschwitz
A Culture of Forgetting
Ruth Linn
From the Margins of Empire
Christina Stead, Doris Lessing, Nadine Gordimer
Louise Yelin
From the Margins of Empire
Christina Stead, Doris Lessing, Nadine Gordimer
Louise Yelin
Taming Democracy
Models of Political Rhetoric in Classical Athens
Harvey Yunis
Taming Democracy
Models of Political Rhetoric in Classical Athens
Harvey Yunis
No Spiritual Investment in the World
Gnosticism and Postwar German Philosophy
Willem Styfhals
Persistence of Folly
On the Origins of German Dramatic Literature
Joel B. Lande
Rigorism of Truth
"Moses the Egyptian" and Other Writings on Freud and Arendt
Hans Blumenberg
"A People Born to Slavery"
Russia in Early Modern European Ethnography, 1476–1748
Marshall T. Poe
Revolution of the Mind
Higher Learning among the Bolsheviks, 1918–1929
Michael David-Fox
Ideology and Rural Youth Mobilization in Japan and Its Colonies
Sayaka Chatani
The Battle for Fortune
State-Led Development, Personhood, and Power among Tibetans in China
Charlene Makley
Peyote Hunt
The Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians
Barbara G. Myerhoff
Dramas, Fields, and Metaphors
Symbolic Action in Human Society
Victor Turner
Borderline Citizens
The United States, Puerto Rico, and the Politics of Colonial Migration
Robert C. McGreevey
Our Frontier Is the World
The Boy Scouts in the Age of American Ascendancy
Mischa Honeck
Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil
The Atlantic Forest of Southeast Brazil, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Robert S. Ridgely, John A. Gwynne, Guy Tudor, Martha Argel
Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil
The Pantanal and Cerrado of Central Brazil
John A. Gwynne, Robert S. Ridgely, Guy Tudor, Martha Argel
The Familial State
Ruling Families and Merchant Capitalism in Early Modern Europe
Julia Adams
The Affirmative Action Empire
Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923–1939
Terry Martin
Creating Kosovo
International Oversight and the Making of Ethical Institutions
Elton Skendaj
Birds of Nicaragua
A Field Guide
Liliana Chavarría-Duriaux, David C. Hille, Robert Dean
Hidden Kingdom
The Insect Life of Costa Rica
Piotr Naskrecki

Other recent titles
Victorian Skin
Surface, Self, History
Pamela K. Gilbert
Fifty Early Medieval Things
Materials of Culture in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis, Hendrik Dey, Paolo Squatriti
National Reckonings
The Last Judgment and Literature in Milton’s England
Ryan Hackenbracht
Commuter Spouses
New Families in a Changing World
Danielle Lindemann
Scandal and Democracy
Media Politics in Indonesia
Mary E. McCoy
Political Survivors
The Resistance, the Cold War, and the Fight against Concentration Camps after 1945
Emma Kuby
This Thing of Darkness
Eisenstein’s "Ivan the Terrible" in Stalin’s Russia
Joan Neuberger
Proxy Wars
Suppressing Violence through Local Agents
The Scholems
A Story of the German-Jewish Bourgeoisie from Emancipation to Destruction
Jay Howard Geller
Mass Violence and the Self
From the French Wars of Religion to the Paris Commune
Howard G. Brown
Currencies of Imagination
Channeling Money and Chasing Mobility in Vietnam
Ivan V. Small
Winning Hearts and Votes
Social Services and the Islamist Political Advantage
Steven Brooke
The Migrant Passage
Clandestine Journeys from Central America
Noelle Kateri Brigden
American Labyrinth
Intellectual History for Complicated Times