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Handbook of Frogs and Toads of the United States and Canada
Albert Hazen Wright, Anna Allen Wright
Handbook of Lizards
Lizards of the United States and of Canada
Hobart M. Smith, Hobart Smith
Amphibians of East Africa
Alan Channing, Kim Howell
Tiger Beetles
The Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity of the Cicindelids
David L. Pearson, Alfried P. Vogler
Solitary Wasps
Behavior and Natural History
Kevin O'Neill
Communicating Climate Change
A Guide for Educators
Anne K. Armstrong, Marianne E. Krasny, Jonathon P. Schuldt
Sedges of the Northern Forest
A Photographic Guide
Jerry Jenkins
Sedges of the Northern Forest
Quick Guide
Jerry Jenkins
Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil
The Atlantic Forest of Southeast Brazil, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro
Robert S. Ridgely, John A. Gwynne, Guy Tudor, Martha Argel
Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil
The Pantanal and Cerrado of Central Brazil
John A. Gwynne, Robert S. Ridgely, Guy Tudor, Martha Argel
Reptiles of Costa Rica
A Field Guide
Twan Leenders
Birds of Nicaragua
A Field Guide
Liliana Chavarría-Duriaux, David C. Hille, Robert Dean
María Montero, Luciano Capelli
Monteverde & Arenal
María Montero, Luciano Capelli

Other recent titles
The Comstocks of Cornell
The Definitive Autobiography
Anna Botsford Comstock
Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast
A Field Guide
Peter Del Tredici
Nature beyond Solitude
Notes from the Field
John Seibert Farnsworth
Food for All in Africa
Sustainable Intensification for African Farmers
Gordon Conway, Ousmane Badiane, Katrin Glatzel
The Natural History of The Bahamas
A Field Guide
Dave Currie, Joseph M. Wunderle, Ethan Freid, David N. Ewert, D. Jean Lodge
The Liberty Hyde Bailey Gardener's Companion
Essential Writings
Liberty Hyde Bailey
Nature Rx
Improving College-Student Mental Health
Donald A. Rakow, Gregory T. Eells
Coves of Departure
Field Notes from the Sea of Cortez
John Seibert Farnsworth
Urban Ornithology
150 Years of Birds in New York City
P. A. Buckley, Walter Sedwitz, William J. Norse, John Kieran
Grassroots to Global
Broader Impacts of Civic Ecology
The Birds at My Table
Why We Feed Wild Birds and Why It Matters
Darryl Jones
Vanished and Vanishing Parrots
Profiling Extinct and Endangered Species
Joseph M. Forshaw
The East Country
Almanac Tales of Valley and Shore
Jules Pretty
The Observation Hive Handbook
Studying Honey Bees at Home
Frank Linton