Recent Award-Winning Books from Cornell University Press

(alphabetical by author)


Tyranny of the Weak: North Korea and the World, 1950–1992
by Charles K. Armstrong

Winner, 2014 John K. Fairbank Prize in East Asian History (American Historical Association)

The Empty Seashell: Witchcraft and Doubt on an Indonesian Island
by Nils Bubandt
Honorable Mention, Clifford Geertz Prize (Society for the Anthropology of Religion, a section of the American Anthropological Association)

Compassionate Communalism: Welfare and Sectarianism in Lebanon
by Melani Cammett

•Winner, 2015 Giovanni Sartori Book Award (Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Section, American Political Science Association)
•Honorable Mention, 2015 Gregory Luebbert Best Book Award (APSA's Comparative Politics Section)


The Politics of Non-state Social Welfare
edited by Melani C. Cammett and Lauren M. MacLean

Honorable Mention, 2015 Virginia Hodgkinson Research Prize (ARNOVA: Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action)


The Specter of "the People": Urban Poverty in Northeast China
by Mun Young Cho

Winner, 2014 Anthony Leeds Prize in Urban Anthropology (Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology Section, American Anthropological Association)


Stagestruck: The Business of Theater in Eighteenth-Century France and Its Colonies
by Lauren R. Clay

•Honorable Mention, 2014 Barnard Hewitt Award for Outstanding Research in Theatre History (American Society for Theatre Research)
•Finalist, 2014 George Freedley Memorial Award (New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Theatre Library Association)


The Light of Knowledge: Literacy Activism and the Politics of Writing in South India
by Francis Cody

Cowinner, 2014 Edward Sapir Book Prize (Society for Linguistic Anthropology)


Class Lives: Stories from Across our Economic Divide 
edited by Chuck Collins, Jennifer Ladd, Maynard Seider, Felice Yeskel
Shortlist, C. L. R. James Award (Working-Class Studies Association)


Islam in Saudi Arabia
by David Commins
Foreign Affairs 2015 Best Book of the Year (Middle East)


In the Museum of Man: Race, Anthropology, and Empire in France, 1850–1950
by Alice L. Conklin

Winner, 2014 Ohio Academy of History Publication Award


Heart-Pine Russia: Walking and Writing the Nineteenth-Century Forest
by Jane T. Costlow

•Winner, 2014 University of Southern California Book Prize in Literary and Cultural Studies (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies/USC Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures)
•Shortlisted, 2014 Historia Nova Prize for the Best Book on Russian Intellectual History (Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation and Academic Studies Press)


Resister: A Story of Protest and Prison during the Vietnam War
by Bruce Dancis

A 2014 Choice Magazine "Outstanding Academic Title"


Between Two Motherlands: Nationality and Emigration among the Greeks of Bulgaria, 1900–1949
by Theodora Dragostinova

Honorable Mention, 2014 Edmund Keeley Book Prize (Modern Greek Studies Association)


From Development to Dictatorship: Bolivia and the Alliance for Progress in the Kennedy Era
by Thomas C. Field Jr.

Winner, 2015 Thomas McGann Award (Rocky Mountain Council on Latin American Studies)


The Next Crash: How Short-Term Profit Seeking Trumps Airline Safety
by Amy L. Fraher
Winner, Silver Medal, 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards (Business Commentary)(The Jenkins Group) Finalist, Business: General category of the USA Best Book Awards (USA Book News)


Zion's Dilemmas: How Israel Makes National Security Policy
by Chuck Freilich

Winner, 2014 Tshetshik Prize in Security Studies (Institute for National Security Studies)


Kith, Kin, and Neighbors: Communities and Confessions in Seventeenth-Century Wilno
by David Frick

•Winner, 2013 Przegląd Wschodni Award, Foreign Works (Warsaw University School of Eastern Europe)
•Winner, 2014 Joseph Rothschild Prize in Nationalism and Ethnic Studies (Association for the Study of Nationalities)
•Winner, 2014 Kulczycki Book Prize in Polish Studies (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies)


"No One Helped": Kitty Genovese, New York City, and the Myth of Urban Apathy
by Marcia M. Gallo

Finalist, Lambda Literary Award (LGBT Nonfiction category)
Finalist, Gay & Lesbian Non-Fiction category, USA Best Book Awards (USA Book News)


Conflicting Commitments: The Politics of Enforcing Immigrant Worker Rights in San Jose and Houston
by Shannon Gleeson

Honorable Mention, 2014 Thomas and Znaniecki Award (International Migration Section, American Sociological Association)


After Newspeak: Language Culture and Politics in Russia from Gorbachev to Putin
by Michael S. Gorham

A 2014 Choice Magazine "Outstanding Academic Title"


Constructive Illusions: Misperceiving the Origins of International Cooperation
by Eric Grynaviski

Winner, 2015 Robert Jervis & Paul Schroeder Best Book Award (American Political Science Association)


Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods: International Development and the Making of the Postwar Order
by Eric Helleiner

•Winner, 2015 Canadian Political Science Association Prize in International Relations                               •Winner, Francesco Guicciardini Prize for Best Book in Historical International Relations (Historical International Relations Section of the International Studies Association)
•Shortlisted, 2015 British International Studies Association's International Political Economy Group Book Prize


Hazard or Hardship: Crafting Global Norms on the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
by Jeffrey Hilgert

Cowinner, 2014 Best Book in Human Rights Award (Human Rights Section, American Political Science Association)


Children of Rus': Right-Bank Ukraine and the Invention of a Russian Nation
by Faith Hillis

A 2014 Choice Magazine "Outstanding Academic Title"


Zoned in the USA: The Origins and Implications of American Land-Use Regulation
by Sonia A. Hirt

Honorable Mention, Best Book in Urban Affairs Award (Urban Affairs Association)


The Endtimes of Human Rights
by Stephen Hopgood

A 2014 Choice Magazine "Outstanding Academic Title"


A Scrap of Paper: Breaking and Making International Law during the Great War
by Isabel V. Hull
Winner, American Society of International Law Book Award


Everyday Life in the North Korean Revolution, 1945–1950
by Suzy Kim

Winner, 2014 James B. Palais Prize (Association for Asian Studies and the Northeast Asia Council)


Desperate Magic: The Moral Economy of Witchcraft in Seventeenth-Century Russia
by Valerie Kivelson

•Winner, 2014 Historia Nova Prize for the Best Book on Russian Intellectual History (Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation and Academic Studies Press)
•Honorable Mention, 2014 Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies)
•Honorable Mention, Early Slavic Studies Association Book Prize


Revolution with a Human Face: Politics, Culture, and Community in Czechoslovakia, 1989–1992
by James Krapfl
•Winner, Czechoslovak Studies Association Book Prize
•Winner, George Blazyca Prize in East European Studies (British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies)


Emperor of the World: Charlemagne and the Construction of Imperial Authority, 800–1229 
by Anne A. Latowsky
Award for Best First Book (Southeastern Medieval Association)


The Tie That Bound Us: The Women of John Brown's Family and the Legacy of Radical Abolitionism
by Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz
A 2014 Kansas Notable Book (State Library of Kansas)


Unfinished Utopia: Nowa Huta, Stalinism, and Polish Society, 1949–56
by Katherine Lebow

Winner, 2014 Barbara Jelavich Book Prize (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies)


Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures
by Betsy Leondar-Wright
Shortlist, C. L. R. James Award (Working-Class Studies Association)


State Erosion: Unlootable Resources and Unruly Elites in Central Asia
by Lawrence P. Markowitz

Honorable Mention, 2014 Ed A Hewett Book Prize (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies)


Global Unions, Local Power: The New Spirit of Transnational Labor Organizing
by Jamie K. McCallum

Winner, 2014 Distinguished Scholarly Book Award (Labor and Labor Movements Section, American Sociological Association)


Capital as Will and Imagination: Schumpeter's Guide to the Postwar Japanese Miracle
by Mark Metzler

Runner Up, 2014 Professor Robert W. Hamilton Book Author Award (University of Texas at Austin/ University Co-operative Society)


Eisenhower's Sputnik Moment: The Race for Space and World Prestige
by Yanek Mieczkowski

Finalist, 2014 Emme Award for Astronautical Literature (American Astronautical Society)


Dangerous Guests: Enemy Captives and Revolutionary Communities during the War for Independence
by Ken Miller

Winner, 2014 Book of the Year Award (Journal of the American Revolution)


Clothing the Clergy: Virtue and Power in Medieval Europe, c. 800–1200
by Maureen C. Miller

Winner, 2015 John Gilmary Shea Prize (American Catholic Historical Association)


Peacebuilding in Practice: Local Experience in Two Bosnian Towns
by Adam Moore

Winner, 2014 Julian Minghi Outstanding Research Award (Political Geography Specialty Group, Association of American Geographers)


Brethren by Nature: New England Indians, Colonists, and the Origins of American Slavery  
by Margaret Ellen Newell

•Winner, James A. Rawley Prize (Organization of American Historians)
•Winner, Peter J. Gomes Memorial Book Prize (Massachusetts Historical Society)


Putting the Barn Before the House: Women and Family Farming in Early Twentieth-Century New York
by Grey Osterud

Winner, 2015 Gita Chaudhuri Prize (Western Association of Women Historians)


"Who, What Am I?": Tolstoy Struggles to Narrate the Self
by Irina Paperno

Winner, Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize for Studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures (Modern Language Association)


To Follow in Their Footsteps: The Crusades and Family Memory in the High Middle Ages
by Nicholas L. Paul
Cowinner, John Nicholas Brown Prize (Medieval Academy of America)


Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy
by Barry R. Posen
Foreign Affairs 2015 Best Book of the Year (Political and Legal)


Diplomacy's Value: Creating Security in 1920s Europe and the Contemporary Middle East
by Brian C. Rathbun

Winner, DPLST Book Prize (Diplomatic Studies Section of the International Studies Association)


Border Work: Spatial Lives of the State in Rural Central Asia
by Madeleine Reeves

•Winner, Joseph Rothschild Prize in Nationalism and Ethnic Studies (Association for the Study of Nationalities)                                                                                                                                         •Winner, Alec Nove Prize in Russian, Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies (British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies)                                                                                                             •Honorable Mention, 2014 Heldt Prize for Best Book in Slavic/Eastern European/Eurasian Studies (Association for Women in Slavic Studies)
•Honorable Mention, 2014 Central Eurasian Studies Society Book Prize    


The Law of Kinship: Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and the Family in France
by Camille Robcis

Winner, 2014 Berkshire Conference First Book Prize (Berkshire Conference of Women Historians)


With Sails Whitening Every Sea: Mariners and the Making of an American Maritime Empire
by Brian Rouleau

•Winner, 2015 James J. Broussard First Book Prize (Society for Historians of the Early American Republic)
•Winner, 2015 John Lyman Book Award, U.S. Maritime History Category (North American Society of Oceanic History)
•Honorable Mention, 2015 David Montgomery Award (Organization of American Historians/Labor and Working-Class History Association)


Defining Boundaries in al-Andalus: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Islamic Iberia
by Janina M. Safran

Winner, 2014 Premio del Rey (American Historical Association)


Empire of Water: An Environmental and Political History of the New York City Water Supply
by David Soll

Winner, 2014 Abel Wolman Award (Public Works Historical Society/American Public Works Association)


Networks of Rebellion: Explaining Insurgent Cohesion and Collapse
by Paul Staniland

•Winner, 2015 Joseph S. Lepgold Book Prize (Georgetown University)
•Winner, 2015 Peter Katzenstein Book Prize for Outstanding First Book in International Relations, Comparative Politics, or Political Economy


Making and Unmaking Nations: War, Leadership, and Genocide in Modern Africa
by Scott Straus

Winner, 2015 Best Book Award (Human Rights Section, International Studies Association)


The Baron's Cloak: A History of the Russian Empire in War and Revolution
by Willard Sunderland

•Winner, 2015 Ohio Academy of History Book Award
•Honorable Mention, 2015 Joseph Rothschild Prize in Nationalism and Ethnic Studies (Association for the Study of Nationalities)


Birth Certificate: The Story of Danilo Kis
by Mark Thompson

•Winner, Jan Michalski Prize for Literature                                                                                           •Winner, 2016 Laura Shannon Prize in Contemporary European Studies (Nanovic Institute for European Studies)
•Finalist, National Book Critics Circle Awards in Biography


The Government Next Door: Neighborhood Politics in Urban China
by Luigi Tomba
Winner, Joseph Levenson Prize for Books in Chinese Studies, Post-1900 (Association for Asian Studies)

Women without Men: Single Mothers and Family Change in the New Russia
by Jennifer Utrata
Winner, Mirra Komarovsky Book Award (Eastern Sociological Society)


Priest, Politician, Collaborator: Jozef Tiso and the Making of Fascist Slovakia
by James Mace Ward

•Winner, Slovak Studies Association Book Prize
•Honorable Mention, 2014 Reginald Zelnik Book Prize in History (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies)
•Honorable Mention, Czechoslovak Studies Association Book Prize


Internal Affairs: How the Structure of NGOs Transforms Human Rights
by Wendy H. Wong

Winner, 2014 Outstanding Book in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Research (Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action)


Taming Tibet: Landscape Transformation and the Gift of Chinese Development
by Emily T. Yeh

•Winner, 2015 E. Gene Smith Book Prize on Inner Asia (China and Inner Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies)
•A Foreign Affairs 2014 Best Book of the Year (Asia and the Pacific)


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