Submitting Proposals for Publication Consideration

For initial submissions, please send a proposal describing your project, an annotated table of contents, one sample chapter, and a copy of your C.V. or resume. Your proposal should be no longer than ten single-spaced pages and also include information about length of the proposed manuscript (in the number of words), intended audience, and intended illustration program. If your manuscript is currently under consideration by another publisher, please include that information in the cover letter accompanying your proposal. Please do not send a complete manuscript unless you are invited to do so.

The proposal and any accompanying materials should be sent to the relevant acquisitions editor at the address below, or via email. (If submitting via email, please include the title of your project in the subject line.)

Cornell University Press
Attn: [Acquisitions Editor]
Sage House, 512 East State Street
Ithaca, New York 14850

Familiarity with our list is recommended before submitting a book proposal. We generally do not publish books outside the areas listed with the contact information for our acquisitions editors. (See below.) Submissions are not invited in poetry or fiction. While we welcome your submissions, we cannot be responsible for any unsolicited manuscripts, photos, or artwork. It is not our policy to return proposals, so please do not send originals.


Acquisitions Department

Mahinder Kingra, Editor in Chief
msk55 [at]
Medieval Studies, Literary Studies, Classics, Film & Media Studies
Series: Cornell Studies in Classical Philology; Law & the Humanities; Myth & Poetics II; Signale: Modern German Letters, Cultures, and Thought
Tweets occasionally at @MSK_CornellUP

Emily Andrew, Senior Editor
416-429-0322 or 607-277-2338, ext 222
ea424 [at]
Military History, Modern European History, Asian History, Contemporary U.S. Politics & Society
Note: Please send proposals via email only.

Frances Benson, Editorial Director, ILR Press
732-872-8705 or 607-882-2255
fgb2 [at]
Tweets at @ILRpress
Workplace Issues, Labor, Class Studies, Health Care, Sociology, Anthropology of Work, Higher Education
Series: The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work

Sarah E. M. Grossman, Managing Editor, SEAP Publications
Kahin Center, 640 Stewart Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850
sg265 [at]
Southeast Asian Studies (anthropology, political science, history, cultural studies)

Roger Haydon, Executive Editor
rmh11 [at]
International Relations, Comparative Politics, Asian Studies, Slavic/Eurasian Studies, Middle East Studies
Series: Agora Editions; Cornell Studies in Money; Cornell Studies in Political Economy; Cornell Studies in Security Affairs; Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute

James Lance, Senior Editor
jml554 [at]
Tweets at @jimlance554
Anthropology, Geography, Global Urban Studies, Religious Studies
Series: Cornell Series on Land: New Perspectives in Territory, Development, and Environment; Expertise: Cultures and Technologies of Knowledge

Kitty Liu, Editor, Comstock Publishing Associates
khl8 [at]
Tweets at @KL_CornellPress
Natural History & Nature Writing, Ornithology, Herpetology & Ichthyology, Mammalogy, Entomology, Botany and Plant Sciences, Environmental Studies, Environmental History
Series: Zona Tropical

Michael J. McGandy, Senior Editor
mjm475 [at]
Tweets at @michaelmcgandy
U.S. History, Presidential Studies, New York State, Urban History, U.S. Urban Development & Policy
Series: American Institutions and Society; Miller Center of Public Affairs Books; Religion & American Public LifeThe United States in the World

Bethany Wasik, Assistant Editor
607-277-2338, ext 222
bethany.wasik [at]
Tweets at @BethanyWasik


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