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Director's Office
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Director's Office

Dean J. Smith

Michael A. Morris, Assistant to the Director and Building Coordinator
mam278 [at]


Mahinder Kingra, Editor in Chief
msk55 [at]
Medieval Studies, Literary Studies (Classical, Medieval & Renaissance, Early Modern, Victorian, Modernist, Contemporary)
Series: Cornell Studies in Classical Philology; Corpus Juris: The Humanities in Politics and Law; Myth & Poetics II; Signale: Modern German Letters, Cultures, and Thought
Tweets very occasionally at @MSK_CornellUP

Emily Andrew, Senior Editor
ea424 [at]
Military History, Modern European History, Asian History, Contemporary U.S. Politics & Society
Series: Battlegrounds: Cornell Studies in Military HistoryHistories and Cultures of Tourism
Note: Please send proposals via email only.

Frances Benson, Editorial Director, ILR Press
732-872-8705 or 607-882-2255
Tweets at @ILRpress
Workplace Issues, Labor, Class Studies, Health Care, Sociology, Anthropology of Work, Higher Education
Series: The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work

Sarah E. M. Grossman, Managing Editor, SEAP Publications
Kahin Center, 640 Stewart Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850
sg265 [at]
Southeast Asian Studies (anthropology, political science, history, cultural studies)
Note: Please send proposals via email only.

Roger Haydon, Executive Editor
International Relations, Comparative Politics, Asian Studies, Slavic/Eurasian Studies, Middle East Studies
Series: Agora Editions; Cornell Studies in Money; Cornell Studies in Political Economy; Cornell Studies in Security Affairs; Studies of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute

James Lance, Senior Editor
Tweets at @jimlance554
Anthropology, Geography, Global Urban Studies, Religious Studies
Series: Cornell Series on Land: New Perspectives in Territory, Development, and Environment; Expertise: Cultures and Technologies of Knowledge


Kitty Liu, Editorial Director, Comstock Publishing Associates
Tweets at @Kitty_H_Liu
Natural History & Nature Writing, Ornithology, Herpetology & Ichthyology, Mammalogy, Entomology, Botany and Plant Sciences, Environmental Studies, Environmental History
Series: Cornell Series in Environmental EducationZona Tropical
Journal: Research in Outdoor Education

Michael J. McGandy, Senior Editor & Editorial Director, Three Hills
mjm475 [at]
Tweets at @michaelmcgandy
U.S. History, Presidential Studies, New York State, Urban History, U.S. Urban Development & Policy
Series: Histories of American EducationMiller Center of Public Affairs Books; Religion & American Public LifeThe United States in the World


Bethany Wasik, Assistant Editor
607-277-2338, ext 222
bethany.wasik [at]
Tweets at @BethanyWasik
Archaeology, Classics (History)

Ellen F. Murphy, Acquisitions Assistant
efm66 [at]
Tweets at @murphelf

Alexis Siemon, Acquisitions Assistant
kas578 [at]

Subsidiary Rights and Permissions

For more information on subsidiary rights and permissions, click here.

Tonya Cook, Subsidiary Rights Manager
tcc6 [at]

Stephanie Munson, Permissions Coordinator

Manuscript Editing

Ange Romeo-Hall, Managing Editor

Karen Hwa, Senior Production Editor
kth9 [at]

Karen Laun, Digital Publishing Editor and Senior Production Editor
kml35 [at]

Susan Specter, Senior Production Editor
sps19 [at]

Jennifer Savran Kelly, Production Editor
607-277-2338, ext. 244
jds75 [at]

Mary Kate Murphy Production Editor
607-277-2338, ext. 244

Design and Production

Scott Levine, Art Director
sel37 [at]

Katelyn Leboff, Production Coordinator
607-277-2338 x235 

Bill Oates, Graphic Designer
wlo6 [at]
607-277-2338, x239

Richanna Patrick, Designer
rp12 [at]

Diana R. Silva, Senior Production Coordinator
drs68 [at]

Marketing and Sales

Martyn Beeny, Marketing & Sales Director
Tweets at @MartynBeeny

Adriana M. Ferreira
Social Media Coordinator
Tweets at @aiaferreira

Jonathan L. Hall, Digital Marketing Manager

David Mitchell, Exhibits, Advertising, and Awards Coordinator
dwm23 [at]

Sarah C. Noell, Marketing Assistant
Tweets at @SarahNoell2

Brock Schnoke, Marketing Assistant
Tweets at @brocks2013

Business Office

Lynn A. Benedetto, Finance & Royalty Manager

William O'Dell Wehling, Accounts Representative

For address, beneficiary, heir updates, please email

For questions related to royalties, please email

For accounting & other questions, please email


Information Technology

Patrick Garrison, CIS Computing Manager & IT Administrator
607-882-2216 or 607-882-2233

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