Collection : Cornell Studies in Political Economy

A series edited by Peter J. Katzenstein

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Cultural Norms and National Security
Police and Military in Postwar Japan
Peter J. Katzenstein
Nonviolent state behavior in Japan, this book argues, results from the distinctive breadth with which the Japanese define security policy, making it inseparable from the quest for social stability through economic growth. While much of the...

National Interests in International Society
Martha Finnemore
How do states know what they want? Asking how interests are defined and how changes in them are accommodated, Martha Finnemore shows the fruitfulness of a constructivist approach to international politics. She draws on insights from sociological...

Freer Markets, More Rules
Regulatory Reform in Advanced Industrial Countries
Steven K. Vogel
Over the past fifteen years, the United States, Western Europe, and Japan have transformed the relationship between governments and corporations. The changes are complex and the terms used to describe them often obscure the reality. In Freer...

National Diversity and Global Capitalism
How does globalization change national economies and politics? Are rising levels of trade, capital flows, new communication technologies, and deregulation forcing all societies to converge toward the same structures of production and distribution...

"Rich Nation, Strong Army"
National Security and the Technological Transformation of Japan
Richard J. Samuels
Since World War II, Japan has become not only a model producer of high-tech consumer goods, but also-despite minimal spending on defense-a leader in innovative technology with both military and civilian...

Norms in International Relations
The Struggle against Apartheid
Audie Klotz
Applying a social-constructivist approach to her richly detailed case history, Audie Jeanne Klotz demonstrates that normative standards such as racial equality can serve as much more than a weak constraint on fundamental strategic...

International Governance
Protecting the Environment in a Stateless Society
Oran R. Young
How can the global environment be safeguarded in the absence of a world government? In the vanguard of efforts to address this critical question, Oran R. Young draws on environmental issues to explore the nature of international governance...

Winners and Losers
How Sectors Shape the Developmental Prospects of States
D. Michael Shafer

Winners and Losers
How Sectors Shape the Developmental Prospects of States
D. Michael Shafer

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