Collection : The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues

Series editor: Roger Sanjek

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Accommodation without Assimilation
Sikh Immigrants in an American High School
Margaret Gibson
A holistic portrait which reveals why Sikh high school students, despite language barriers, prejudice, and significant cultural differences, often outperform their majority peers and other United States minority groups.

Upscaling Downtown
Stalled Gentrification in Washington, D.C
Brett Williams

Chinese Working-Class Lives
Getting by in Taiwan
Hill Gates

City of Green Benches
Growing Old in a New Downtown
Maria D. Vesperi

The Varieties of Ethnic Experience
Kinship, Class, and Gender among California Italian-Americans
Micaela di Leonardo
This book challenges the model of uniform ethnic family and community culture, and argues for a reconsideration of the meaning of class, kinship, and gender in America's past and present.

American Odyssey
Haitians in New York City
Michel S. Laguerre
Caribbean immigrants have now become part of the social landscape of many American cities. Few studies, however, have treated in detail the process of their integration in American society. American Odyssey assesses the development and adaptation, in...

Interpretive Conventions
The Reader in the Study of American Fiction
Steven Mailloux

Women's Work and Chicano Families
Cannery Workers of the Santa Clara Valley
Patricia Zavella

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