Collection : Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia, Leuven University Press
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Petrus Vladeraccus
Tobias (1598)
Michiel Verweij, Petrus Vladeraccus

Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Memory of Jozef Ijsewijn

Iustus Lipsius, Europae Lumen et Columen
Proceedings of the International Colloquium, Leuven, September 17–19, 1997
The articles in this volume reflect the wide interest of the scholar Ijsewijn. They cover a period of almost 300 years, from an early fifteenth-century commentary on Cicero's speeches to the the eighteenth-century Amsterdam Athenaeum.

Companion to Neo-Latin Studies
Literary, Linguistic, Philological and Editorial Questions
Jozef Ijsewijn, Dirk Sacré
Part II of the landmark Companion to Neo-Latin Studies covers all the relevant literary forms and genres of Neo-Latin literature, as well as their characteristics and evolution.

Ut Granum Sinapis
A Garland of Neo-Latin Studies in Honour of Jozef Ijsewijn

Morus ad Craneveldium literae Balduinianae novae (More to Cranevelt New Baudouin Letters)
H. Schulte Herbruggen
This book tells the story of seven new letters from Sir Thomas More to Frans van Cranevelt that were discovered among a bundle of letters that were auctioned in London in 1989, part of the private archive of Cranevelt.

Phineas Fletcher
Locustae vel Pietas Iesuitica
Phineas Fletcher
The bilingual English poet Phineas Fletcher (1582–1650) is the author of a short Latin epic on the Gunpowder Plot (1605). Estelle Haan has provided the first critical edition based on all three manuscripts known and the original printed edition.

Companion to Neo-Latin Studies
History and Diffusion of Neo-Latin Literature
Jozef Ijsewijn
Part I of the landmark Companion to Neo-Latin Studies is a comprehensive history of Neo-Latin writings (both literary and scientific) arranged according to geographical and cultural areas.

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