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Religion, Children's Literature, and Modernity in Western Europe 1750–2000
In this book some 25 scholars focus on the relationship between religion, children's literature and modernity in Western Europe since the Enlightenment (c. 1750). They examine various aspects of the phenomenon of children's literature, such as types...

The Papacy and the New World Order
Vatican Diplomacy, Catholic Opinion and International Politics at the Time of Leo XIII (1878–1903)
Vincent Viaene

Religious Institutes in Western Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Historiography, Research, and Legal Position
J. DeMayer, S. Leplae, J. Schmiedl
In the 19th century, religious institutes (orders and congregations) underwent an unprecedented revival. As partners in a large-scale religious modernisation movement, they were welcomed by the Roman Catholic Church in its pursuit of a new role . . .

Christian Democratic Parties in Europe since the End of the Cold War
Steven Van Hecke, Emmanuel Gerard
The period since the end of the Cold War has been characterised by an acceleration in the European integration process, a changing pattern of political ideologies and the emergence of new political parties and issues. This book assesses the impact of...

Left Catholicism, 1943–1955
Catholics and Society in Western Europe at the Point of Liberation
This volume constitutes the first attempt to analyse the phenomenon of Western European Left Catholicism from a comparative and transnational perspective. Decisively shaped by the turbulent atmosphere of war, occupation and resistance, the years 1943-1955 gave rise to a most unusual flowering of progressive initiatives in Catholic politics...

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