Collection : Mediaevalia Lovaniensia, Leuven University Press
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Chaucer's Fabliaux as Analogues
Erik Hertog
The presence of so many fabliaux in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales is intriguing in its own right, given the fact that there are no real fabliaux in Middle English befor Chaucer. But these stories are also interesting as instances of a concept and...

The Theatre in the Middle Ages
The present volume offers a collection of studies intended to give an overall picture of the International Colloquium on Medieval Theatre organized by the Instituut voor Middeleeuwse Studies of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. The reader will...

Love and Marriage in the Twelfth Century
W. Van Hoecke, Andries Welkenhuysen

Jan van Ruusbroec
The Sources, Content and Sequels of His Mysticism
The Sources, Content, and Sequels of His Mysticism

Aspects of the Medieval Animal Epic
Proceedings of the International Conference, Leuven, May 15–17, 1972

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