Collection : Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia, Leuven University Press
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Scottish Latin Authors in Print up to 1700
A Short-Title List
The first-ever bibliography of Scottish Latin authors in print.

Ad fines imperii Romani anno bismillesimo cladis Varianae
Acta conventus Academiae Latinitati Fovendae XII Ratisbonensis

The Neo-Latin Epigram
A Learned and Witty Genre
The epigram is certainly one of the most intriguing, while at the same time most elusive, genres of Neo-Latin literature. From the end of the fifteenth century, almost every humanist writer who regarded himself a true "poeta" had composed a...

Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Honour of Monique Mund-Dopchie and Gilbert Tournoy
This collective volume has been dedicated to two distinguished scholars of Neo-Latin Studies. Both the rich variety of subjects dealt with and the international diversity of the contributors reflect the wide interests of the celebrated Neo-Latinists...

Spanish Humanism on the Verge of the Picaresque
Juan Maldonado's "Ludus Chartarum," "Pastor Bonus," and "Bacchanalia"
Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia, Vol. 24 The sixteenth-century humanist Juan Maldonado (c. 1485–1554), in his Latin essays, foreshadows the Spanish picaresque. Maldonado's Pastor Bonus, a lengthy open letter to a bishop, reviews in a vivid and...

"Cui dono lepidum novum libellum?"
Dedicating Latin Works and Motets in the Sixteenth Century
This book presents an interdisciplinary study of the nature of the sixteenth-century dedication that will appeal to not only Neo-Latinists and musicologists but also historians of the book and philologists.

Carmina Viatoris
Tuomo Pekkanen

Self-Presentation and Social Identification
The Rhetoric and Pragmatics of Letter Writing in Early Modern Times

Petrus Vladeraccus
Tobias (1598)
Michiel Verweij, Petrus Vladeraccus

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