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Origins and Ends of the Mind
Philosophical Essays on Psychoanalysis
Figures of the Unconscious 7 In Origins and Ends of the Mind, a collection of theoretical essays by philosophers and psychoanalysts, encounters are arranged between Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis on the one hand and attachment theory...

Our Original Scenes
Freud's Theory of Sexuality
Tomas Geyskens
Freud's ideas on infantile sexuality can only be understood as constructions that are necessary to understand the psychopathological formations of adults. These constructions of infantile sexuality, therefore, must not be considered to be speculations...

Everyday Extraordinary
Encountering Fetishism with Marx, Freud and Lacan
The concept of fetishism has long been a window through which philosophers, psychoanalysts and cultural anthropologists have looked in order to critically examine the nature of beliefs, sexual interests and material values, and it remains today a...

Phenomenological and Psychoanalytical Approaches
These days a book on psychosis composed entirely of psychoanalytic contributions is a rarity. It can create surprise that, in what some have called "the decade of the brain," scholars on psychoanalysis, psychiatry and psychology still continue to...

Seduction, Suggestion, Psychoanalysis
This book makes clear that the problem of seduction and suggestion raises major psychoanalytic, and more generally philosophical problems that are still of great importance for the self-understanding of contemporary humankind.

Phenomenology and Lacan on Schizophrenia after the Decade of the Brain
Alphonse De Waelhens, Wilfried Ver Eecke
In Phenomenology and Lacan on Schizophrenia, Alphonse De Waelhens provides a clear summary of Lacan's theory of schizophrenia, as Lacan derived it from his commentary of Freud's study of the Memoirs of Schreber. De Waelhens also shows how Lacan's...

Grand Hotel Abyss
Desire, Recognition, and the Restoration of the Subject
Vladimir Safatle

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