Collection : Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Series 1, Leuven University Press
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The Soul-Body Problem at Paris, ca. 1200–1250
Magadalena Bieniak
The soul-body problem was among the most controversial issues discussed in thirteenth-century Europe, and it continues to capture much attention today as the quest to understand human identity becomes more and more urgent.

Collected Studies on Francisco Suarez SJ (1548–1617)
John P. Doyle
John P. Doyle's groundbreaking studies of Francisco Suarez's imposing yet highly original system of scholasticism have helped to make the Jesuit's ideas tractable and accessible. This volume collects Doyle's most important articles on the...

Ancient Perspectives on Aristotle's "De Anima"
Gerd Van Riel, Pierre Destrée
Aristotle's treatise On the Soul figures among the most influential texts in the intellectual history of the West. It is the first systematic treatise on the nature and functioning of the human soul, presenting Aristotle's authoritative analyses of...

Platonic Stoicism
The Dialogue between Platonism and Stoicism in Antiquity
Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Series 1, No. 39 This book examines the important but largely neglected issue of the intricate mutual influences between Platonism and Stoicism in the Hellenistic period, the Imperial Age, and after. Although this...

Henry of Ghent
Metaphysics and the "Trinity"
Juan Carlos Flores
Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Series 1, No. 36 Henry of Ghent stands out as a leading thinker, together with Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure, of the second half of the thirteenth century. His rich and multifaceted thought influenced many different...

On the Path to Virtue
The Stoic Doctrine of Moral Progress and Its Reception in (Middle-) Platonism
Geert Roskam

The Eucharist in Theology and Philosophy
Issues of Doctrinal History in East and West from the Patristic Age to the Reformation
Discusses the conceptual, doctrinal, theological, and philosophical aspects of the developments concerning the Eucharistic doctrines of the Christian Churches, not just the Western ones, but the Byzantino-Slavic and Oriental ones, too.

Peter of Auvergne
Questions on Aristotle's De Caelo—A Critical Edition with an Interpretative Essay
Griet Galle, Petrus de Arvernia

Henry of Ghent and the Transformation of Scholastic Thought
Studies in Memory of Jos Decorte
Throws light on the particular renewal of the theological and philosophical tradition which Henry of Ghent brought about and elucidates various aspects of his metaphysics and epistemology ethics, and theology.

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