Collection : Mediaevalia Lovaniensia, Leuven University Press
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Aristotle's "Problemata" in Different Times and Tongues
Mediaevalia Lovaniensia 39 Communication leads to an evolution of knowledge, and the free exchange of knowledge leads to fresh findings. In the Middle Ages things were no different. The inheritance of ancient knowledge deeply influenced medieval...

Symbolic Communication in Late Medieval Towns
Mediaevalia Lovaniensia 37 In the context of late medieval state centralization, the political autonomy of the towns of the Low Countries, Northern France, and the Swiss confederation was threatened by central governments. Within this conflict both...

The Use and Abuse of Sacred Places in Late Medieval Towns
This book discusses how secular authorities made use of churches and monasteries in the Low Countries, the German regions and the British Isles during the late medieval period.

Medieval Narrative Sources
A Gateway into the Medieval Mind

Risus Mediaevalis
Laughter in Medieval Literature and Art
This volume addresses the multiple aspects of medieval laughter, its possible devices, functions and intentions.

Dawn of the Written Vernacular in Western Europe
The Dawn of the Written Vernacular in Western Europe

The Expulsion of the Jews and their Emigration to the Southern Low Countries (15th–16th C.)
This book looks at neglected aspects of the spiritual landscape of medieval Spain on the eve of the expulsion and draws the attention to the sequels of Jewish emigration for the intellectual circles in the Southern Low Countries.

Sapientiae immarcessibilis
A Diplomatic and Comparative Study of the Bull of Foundation of the University of Louvain (December 9, 1425)
Erik Mingroot

Serta Devota in Memoriam Guillelmi Lourdaux
Pars Prior—Devotio Windeshemensis

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