Collection : Cornell Studies in the History of Psychiatry

A series edited by Sander L. Gilman and George J. Makari

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Reading Psychoanalysis
Freud, Rank, Ferenczi, Groddeck
Peter L. Rudnytsky
Rudnytsky explores the dialectical interplay between literature and psychoanalysis by reading key psychoanalytic texts in a variety of genres.

Dreams 1900–2000
Science, Art, and the Unconscious Mind
When Sigmund Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams in 1900, he began the modern study of a phenomenon that has fascinated human beings for thousands of years. At the same time he opened a new realm, the unconscious mind, to filmmakers and...

Sublime Surrender
Male Masochism at the Fin-de-siècle
Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg
When Heinrich Heine left his sick bed in 1848 and stumbled to the Louvre to fall before a statue of the goddess of beauty and lie in the pitying, cold glance she seemed to cast on his prostrate body, he defined a recurring motif of the second half...

The Mastery of Submission
Inventions of Masochism
John K. Noyes

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