Collection : Myth and Poetics II

Continuing the tradition of innovative scholarship published under the first Myth & Poetics series, Myth and Poetics II encourages books that will integrate literary criticism with anthropological approaches to mythology, paying special attention to problems concerning the nexus of ritual and myth. Books published in Myth & Poetics II are intended to illuminate diverse literary forms—epic and saga, folklore and poetry—encompassing both oral and written cultures.

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Mythologizing Performance
Richard P. Martin
Building on numerous original close readings of works by Homer, Hesiod, and other ancient Greek poets, Richard P. Martin articulates a broad and precise poetics of archaic Greek verse. The ancient Greek hexameter poetry of such works as the Iliad and the Odyssey differ from most modern verbal art because it was composed for live, face-to-face...

The Transmission of "Beowulf"
Language, Culture, and Scribal Behavior
Leonard Neidorf
Beowulf, like The Iliad and The Odyssey, is a foundational work of Western literature that originated in mysterious circumstances. In The Transmission of "Beowulf," Leonard Neidorf addresses philological questions that are fundamental to the study of the...

Raja Yudhisthira
Kingship in Epic Mahabharata
Kevin McGrath
In Raja Yudhisthira, Kevin McGrath brings his comprehensive literary, ethnographic, and analytical knowledge of the epic Mahabharata to bear on the representation of kingship in the...

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