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Current Issues in Islam is a series of scholarly, peer-reviewed publications initiated by the Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies (GCIS) at KU Leuven. The publications in the series provide insight into the daily life and major developments within intercultural and interreligious settings where Islam features as an important dynamic. They bring original, well-researched, and critical appraisals that aim to contribute to the ongoing academic debate in this field as well as providing insights to policymakers and stakeholders working to develop and deliver new ideas for social cohesion and peaceful community relations. For more information visit

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European Muslims and New Media
European Muslims and New Media offers perspectives on the various ways in which Muslims use new media to form and reform Muslim consciousness, identities, and national and transnational belongings, and contest and negotiate tensions and hegemonic narratives in Western European societies. The authors explore how online discussion groups, social...

Everyday Life Practices of Muslims in Europe
Everyday Life Practices of Muslims in Europe explores how Muslims give meaning to Islam on a day-to-day basis. The contributions look at concrete practices, identities, memories, and normalities in daily Muslim life and provide insights to the complexities of identities.

Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism
Dynamics in the West and in the Middle East
This volume focuses on Islamic thinking, activism, and politics in both the West and the Middle East.

New Multicultural Identities in Europe
Religion and Ethnicity in Secular Societies
This book explores the new European multiculturalism and how post-migrant Islam calls into question the nature of boundaries between various ethnic-religious groups, as well as the demarcation lines within ethnic-religious communities.

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