Collection : Cornell Hospitality Management: Best Practices

Cornell Hospitality Management: Best Practices
Series Editor: Chekitan S. Dev

The large body of research published by scholars in the dynamic field of hospitality management has been slow to find its way into the classroom and the strategic, managerial, and operating practices of the hospitality industry. In the new series Cornell Hospitality Management: Best Practices, Cornell University Press will publish short books that present, in distilled form, current research findings on best practices in the hospitality industry. As recognized experts, the volume editors are ideally qualified to identify the best available research and present it in a thoughtful and coherent way that serves both the pedagogical needs of the classroom and the practical needs of the hospitality industry. The first books in the series will address hospitality branding, human resource management, finance, operations and revenue management, food and beverage management, and design.


The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management
Harnessing Data to Improve Guest Service and Enhance the Employee Experience
The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management brings together the latest research in hospitality studies to offer students, hospitality executives, and restaurant managers the best practices for restaurant success. Alex M. Susskind and Mark Maynard draw on their experiences as a hospitality educator and a restaurant industry leader, respectively...

Hospitality Branding
Chekitan S. Dev, Chekitan Dev
Skillfully blending the knowledge of recent history, the wisdom of new research, and promise of future trends, this book offers hospitality organizations the advice they need to survive and thrive in today's competitive global business...

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