Collection : The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Northern Europe, 1780–1920, Leuven University Press

This series, comprising six volumes, examines processes of religious reform between the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Series Editors: Joris van Eijnatten and Nigel Yates.

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Charity and Social Welfare
The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Northern Europe, 1780-1920
This book unravels how the churches in Britain and Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium shaped and adjusted their understanding of poverty. It reveals how they struggled with the "social question" and often also with the modern nation-states to which they belonged.

The Churches
Developments in church-state relationships in Northern Europe between 1780 and 1920 had a substantial impact on reformist ideas, projects, and movements within the churches. To what extent did church and state mutually influence each other?

Piety and Modernity
Exploring the nature of pious reforms in such areas as liturgy, saint cults, pilgrimage, confraternities, hymns, and Bible translation during the "long nineteenth century."

Political and Legal Perspectives
Political and Legal Perspectives highlights the impact of political change, or "democratization," on religious reform in Northern Europe.

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