Collection : Orpheus Research Centre in Music Series, Leuven University Press

The Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] is a place where musical artists can fruitfully conduct individual and collaborative research on issues that are of concern to all involved in artistic practice. The development of a discipline-specific discourse in the field of artistic research in music is the core mission of ORCiM.

The Orpheus Research Centre in Music Series, a subseries of the Collected Writings of the Orpheus Institute, features volumes that explicitly zoom in on studies that take artistic practice as their point of departure and deal with questions and challenges that arise from that practice. It is this kind of research, in all its variety, which the Orpheus Research Centre in Music promotes and which the new subseries is designed to present. The contributions within the Orpheus Research Centre in Music Series extend the possibilities and understanding of musical practice and act as a springboard for future research in this young but fascinating area.


The Artistic Turn
A Manifesto
Kathleen Coessens, Darla Crispin, Anne Douglas
Through a study of the interrelationship between artistic fields and theories of knowledge, and through consciously metaphorical readings, the authors examine the contexts within which artistic research has developed.

Essays on and around Freeman Etudes, Fontana Mix, Aria
Juan Parra Cancino, Magnus Andersson, Mieko Kanno, William Brooks
metaCage investigates the musical practice of John Cage in four essays written by current ORCiM Fellows. Three works serve as threads that link the contributions. A CD containing performances by the ORCiM Fellows of these works is included.

Dynamics of Constraints
Essays on Notation, Editing, and Performance
Juan Parra Cancino, Paulo de de Assis, Mieko Kanno
Three essays express some fundamental issues addressed by ORCiM's research group focusing on the musician's relation to notation.

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