Collection : Society, Crime, and Criminal Justice, Leuven University Press
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The Impact of World War II on Policing in North-West Europe
This book focuses on the impact of World War II on policing in Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

On Punishment
The Confrontation of Suicide in Old Europe
Lieven Vandekerckhove

Restorative Justice for Juveniles
Potentialities, Risks, and Problems for Research
Lode Walgrave
Restorative justice is increasingly becoming an inspiration for experiments in dealing with the aftermath of offenses, a basic orientation in criminological research and a powerful issue in the reforms of juvenile justice.

The Sparking Discipline of Criminology
John Braithwaite and the Construction of Critical Social Science and Social Justice
In recent decades, the Australian social scientist John Braithwaite has played a crucial role in the development of international criminology. He is considered one of the most renowned criminologists of our time.

Support for Crime Victims in a Comparative Perspective
A Collection of Essays Dedicated to the Memory of Prof. Frederic McClintock
Acknowledged experts from Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Spain and the U.K. report on the developments in victimology and discuss the discipline's impact on criminal justice policy.

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