Collection : Studies in Social and Economic History, Leuven University Press

A Small Nation in the Turmoil of the Second World War
Money, Finance and Occupation (Belgium, its Enemies, its Friends, 1939–1945)
Herman Van der Wee, Monique Verbreyt
Studies in Social and Economic History, Volume 35 Based on intensive research in the archives of six countries, this book presents an in-depth analysis of Belgium's monetary and financial history during World War II. Exploring Belgium's financial and...

Belgian National Income during the Interwar Period
Reconstruction of the Database
Stef Peeters, Martine Goossens, Erik Buyst
Historical national accounting is nowadays recognized as an important field of research in economic history. Nevertheless the sub discipline also receives a lot of criticism. Several estimates would be based on shaky data material so that the outcome...

Capital Formation in Belgium, 1900–1995
Michelangelo van Meerten
Based on the analysis of more than 35,000 company balance sheets, annual series of gross private investment have been constructed for 15 different sectors in Belgium between 1900 and 1995. The resulting data clearly show that the level of gross...

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