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Images, Education and Research
This book articulates in an affirmative manner what education still could mean in an era after school, and also what images might mean in an era in which screens are omnipresent, both for teachers and education researchers.

The Forgotten Contribution of the Teaching Sisters
A Historiographical Essay on the Educational Work of Catholic Women Religious in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Bart Hellinckx, Frank Simon, Marc Depaepe
For far too long, Catholic teaching sisters have been overlooked in the history of education. During the past twenty-five years, however, researchers have begun to explore the fundamental role played by these women in teaching children in the...

Powerful Environments for Promoting Deep Conceptual and Strategic Learning
Lieven Verschaffel, Erik de Corte, Gellof Kanselaar, Martin Valcke
Over the past years a substantial amount of research has been undertaken relating to the development of powerful learning environments for the acquisition in students of worthwhile educational objectives focussing on conceptual understanding...

Learning Disabilities
A Challenge to Teaching and Instruction
Research on learning disabilities has known a tremendous growth the last 25 years. Yet, despite the progress that is made in diverse domains, learning disabilities still stay a serious challenge to teaching and instruction. In this book the authors...

Involvement of Children and Teacher Style
Insights from an International Study on Experiential Education
The aim of this book is to explore in depth how the process-oriented approach can improve the quality of education and teaching in a wide variety of contexts, that is: (1) in several European countries with different traditions and cultures, (2) in...

Beyond Empiricism
On Criteria for Educational Research

Order in Progress
Everyday Education Practice in Primary Schools—Belgium, 1880–1970
Marc Depaepe, Kristof Dams, Betty Eggermont, Maurits Vroede

Acquiring Intercultural Communicative Competence from Textbooks
The Case of the Flemish Adolescent Pupils Learning German
Lies Sercu
This book investigates whether and to what extent foreign language textbooks can contribute to promoting adolescent pupils' acquisition of intercultural communicative competence. It gives a full scientific account of a research project carried out...

Women in Educational Policy-making
A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Situation in the E.U
Anne Snick, Agnes Munter
In this book, the authors evaluate the participation of women in the field of educational policy-making in western Europe, both from a quantitative and a qualitative perspective.

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