Collection : Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia, Leuven University Press
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Ad fines imperii Romani anno bismillesimo cladis Varianae
Acta conventus Academiae Latinitati Fovendae XII Ratisbonensis

Carmina Viatoris
Tuomo Pekkanen

Companion to Neo-Latin Studies
History and Diffusion of Neo-Latin Literature
Jozef Ijsewijn
Part I of the landmark Companion to Neo-Latin Studies is a comprehensive history of Neo-Latin writings (both literary and scientific) arranged according to geographical and cultural areas.

Companion to Neo-Latin Studies
Literary, Linguistic, Philological and Editorial Questions
Jozef Ijsewijn, Dirk Sacré
Part II of the landmark Companion to Neo-Latin Studies covers all the relevant literary forms and genres of Neo-Latin literature, as well as their characteristics and evolution.

"Cui dono lepidum novum libellum?"
Dedicating Latin Works and Motets in the Sixteenth Century
This book presents an interdisciplinary study of the nature of the sixteenth-century dedication that will appeal to not only Neo-Latinists and musicologists but also historians of the book and philologists.

The Early Modern Cultures of Neo-Latin Drama
The essays in this collection all illustrate the vitality of Neo-Latin drama in early modern Europe, arising from its productive combination of classical models with deep-rooted vernacular traditions.

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