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The Challenges of Native American Studies
Essays in Celebration of the Twenty-Fifth American Indian Workshop
The essays gathered in this volume celebrate the founding of the American Indian Workshop (AIW) twenty-five years ago as a European forum for Native American studies. We present this collection of ongoing debates on the interlaced and interlocking...

Changing Genders in Intercultural Perspectives
Drawing on extensive fieldwork, the essays in this book develop contextual and strategic analyses of the way sex-gender constellations can be configured as political identities, as a resource, or in response to unforeseen contingencies.

The Debate about Colour Naming in 19th-Century German Philology
This selection of work directs itself toward the growing field of psychology and the shifting ground on which it was to form the later debates about color naming and categorization.

From Challenging Culture to Challenged Culture
The Sicilian Cultural Code and the Socio-Cultural Praxis of Sicilian Immigrants in Belgium
Johan Leman

Circumcision Songs of the Kikuyu
This book contains twenty-eight traditional circumcision songs of the Kikuyu people, taperecorded in January 1972 during a celebration organized on the eve of the circumcision of a young boy from Kiambu.

The Origins of Banana-fibre Cloth in the Ryukyus, Japan
Katrien Hendrickx
Studia Anthropologica 12 The Japanese word bashofu literally means "banana-fiber cloth." Both the cloth and the clothing made from it are now considered important constituents of Okinawan identity. The Japanese Folk Craft Movement in the 1930s...

Whither Multiculturalism?
A Politics of Dissensus
The attempt to make democratic processes more inclusive has led to the problematic notion of "multiculturalism." It is based on a new principle that 'all voices should be heard' and 'equal respect' has become the irreducible core of the liberal state. . .

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