Collection : Contestations: Cornell Studies in Political Theory

Series editor: William E. Connolly

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Allegories of America
Narratives, Metaphysics, Politics
Frederick M. Dolan
Allegories of America offers a bold idea of what, in terms of political theory, it means to be American. Beginning with the question What do we want from a theory of politics? Dolan explores the metaphysics of American-ness and stops along the way to reflect on John Winthrop, the Constitution, 1950s behavioralist social science, James Merrill...

Living Ethically, Acting Politically
Melissa A. Orlie
"When social power is conceived in Foucauldian terms, it is notoriously difficult to grapple with what it means to think affirmatively about ethical-political action. Drawing upon the unlikely combination of Hannah Arendt and the early 17th-century...

Political Theory for Mortals
Shades of Justice, Images of Death
John E. Seery
Despite an abundance of violence occurring in political contexts, no liberal political theorist since Thomas Hobbes has talked directly and coherently about death. John E. Seery does. He contends that liberalism desperately needs a theoretical...

Signifying Woman
Culture and Chaos in Rousseau, Burke, and Mill
Linda Zerilli
Woman has been defined in classic political theory as elusive yet dangerous, by her nature fundamentally destructive to public life. In the view of Linda M. G. Zerilli, however, gender relations shape the very grammar of citizenship. In deeply...

The Inner Ocean
Individualism and Democratic Culture
George Kateb

Political Theory and the Displacement of Politics
Bonnie Honig
In this book, Bonnie Honig rethinks that established relation between politics and political theory. From liberal to communitarian to republican, political theorists of opposing positions often treat political theory less as an exploration of politics...

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