Collection : Comstock Classic Handbooks

Handbook of Lizards
Lizards of the United States and of Canada
Hobart M. Smith
The most thorough treatment of lizards of the United States and Canada, Handbook of Lizards has become a landmark among herpetologists and lizard specialists. Hobart M. Smith spent years compiling and oganizing information on 136 species of lizards...

Handbook of Snakes
Albert Hazen Wright, Anna Allen Wright
For years Albert Hazen Wright and Anna Allen Wright traveled extensively, attempting to observe every species of snake in its natural surroundings and collecting data and live specimens. Their exhaustive research resulted in a famous two-volume source...

Handbook of Salamanders
Sherman C. Bishop
Despite their abundance in many parts of North America, salamanders have generall been neglected by all but a few specialists. In this book, Sherman C. Bishop discusses in a lively but authoritative manner the 126 species and subspecies of salamanders...


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