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Music Alone
Philosophical Reflections on the Purely Musical Experience
Peter Kivy
What makes a musical work profound? What is it about pure instrumental music that the listener finds attractive and rewarding? In addressing these questions, Peter Kivy continues his highly regarded exploration of the philosophy of musical aesthetics...

Franz Liszt
The Virtuoso Years, 1811–1847
Alan Walker
The first volume in Alan Walker's magisterial biography of Franz Liszt.

The Art of Quartet Playing
The Guarneri Quartet in Conversation with David Blum
David Blum

Opera and Ideas
From Mozart to Strauss
Paul Robinson
Opera and Ideas is a study of the connections between music and intellectual history. Through lucid analysis of six operas and two song cycles, Paul Robinson shows how operas give musical and dramatic expression to ideas about the self, society, and...

The Operas of Puccini
William Ashbrook

Pioneer Songster
Texts from the Stevens-Douglass Manuscript of Western New York, 1841-1856
Folklorists and lovers of folk songs will delight in this collection of the lyrics of songs sung by settlers of western New York in the middle of the nineteenth...

Recognizing Music as an Art Form
Friedrich Th. Vischer and German Music Criticism, 1848Ð1887
Barbara Titus

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