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Blackness Visible
Essays on Philosophy and Race
Charles W. Mills
Charles Mills makes visible in the world of mainstream philosophy some of the crucial issues of the black experience.

Is There Truth in Art?
Herman Rapaport
The question posed by Herman Rapaport, in the title of this book, is intended both seriously and ironically. It is not Rapaport's purpose to debate whether or not truth resides in art. The title points rather to his belief that truth needs to...

The Continuity of Wittgenstein's Thought
John Koethe
Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophical work is informed throughout by a particular broad theme: that the semantic and mentalistic attributes of language and human life are shown by verbal and nonverbal conduct, but that they resist incorporation into...

Engaging Science
How to Understand Its Practices Philosophically
Joseph Rouse
Summarizing this century's major debates over realism and the rationality of scientific knowledge, Joseph Rouse believes that these disputes oversimplify the political and cultural significance of the sciences. He provides an alternative understanding of science that focuses on practices rather than knowledge.Rouse first outlines the shared...

Realism in the Sciences
Proceedings of the Ernan McMullin Symposium, Leuven 1995

Iohannes Scottus Eriugena
The Bible and Hermeneutics—Proceedings of the Ninth International Colloquium of the Society for the Promotion of Eriugenian Studies, Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve, June 7–10, 1995
Gerd Van Riel, Carlos Steel, James McEvoy
This volume contains essays which shed light on numerous aspects of Eriugena's hermeneutics of Scripture.

Animal Minds and Human Morals
The Origins of the Western Debate
Richard Sorabji
Sorabji surveys a vast range of Greek philosophical texts and considers how classical discussions of animals' capacities intersect with central questions, not only in ethics but in the definition of human rationality as...

The Paradoxes of Delusion
Wittgenstein, Schreber, and the Schizophrenic Mind
Louis A. Sass
Insanity—in clinical practice as in the popular imagination—is seen as a state of believing things that are not true and perceiving things that do not exist. Most schizophrenics, however, do not act as if they mistake their delusions for reality. In...

Early Philosophical Writings
Johann Gottlieb Fichte

A Philosophical Reader
There has been a marked revival of interest among philosophers in the topic of friendship. This collection of fifteen essays presents an admirable range of the diverse contemporary approaches to friendship within philosophy.

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