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Money Unmade
Barter and the Fate of Russian Capitalism
David Woodruff
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russians have seen the ruble steadily lose ground to alternative means of payment such as barter and privately issued quasi-monies. Industry now collects as much as 70 percent of its receipts in...

Identity in Formation
The Russian-Speaking Populations in the New Abroad
David D. Laitin
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, nationality groups have claimed sovereignty in the new republics bearing their names. With the ascendance of these nationalities, Russian speakers living in the post-Soviet republics face a radical crisis of identity. That crisis is at the heart of David D. Laitin's book.

Is Russia a European Power?
The Position of Russia in a New Europe
What place Russia will take in the new Europe. Will Russia act as a full-fledged European partner? Or is there a risk that Russia might be isolated?

Kremlin Capitalism
Privatizing the Russian Economy
Joseph R. Blasi, Maya Kroumova, Douglas Kruse
The first book to describe Russia's massive economic transformation for an American audience, Kremlin Capitalism provides a wealth of data and analyses not previously available in this country. The authors articulate the political and economic goals...

Remembering Stalin's Victims
Popular Memory and the End of the USSR
Kathleen E. Smith
In Remembering Stalin's Victims, Kathleen E. Smith examines how government reformers' repudiation of Stalin's repressions both in the 1950s and in the 1980s created new political crises. Drawing on interviews, she tells the stories of citizens and officials in conflict over the past. She also addresses the underlying question of how societies...

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