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Renaissance Debates on Rhetoric
Throughout the European Renaissance, authors famous and obscure debated the nature, goals, and value of rhetoric. In a host of treatises, handbooks, letters, and orations, written in both Latin and the vernacular, they attempted to assess the central...

Cultures of Piety
Medieval English Devotional Literature in Translation
Devotional texts in late medieval England were notable for their flamboyant piety and their preoccupation with the tortured body of Christ and the grief of the Virgin Mary. Generations of readers internalized and shaped the "cultures of piety"...

Chaucer and the Universe of Learning
Ann W. Astell
The order of the fragments making up the Canterbury Tales and the structure of that collection have long been questioned. Ann W. Astell proposes that Chaucer intended the order that is preserved in what is known as the Ellesmere manuscript. In...

The Structure of Old Norse "Dróttkvætt" Poetry
Kari Ellen Gade
The drottkvett was a form of Old Norse skaldic poetry composed to glorify a chieftain's deeds or to lament his death. Kari Ellen Gade explores the structural peculiarities of ninth- and tenth-century drottkvett poetry and suggests a solution to the...

The Song of Songs in the Middle Ages
Ann W. Astell
The Song of Songs in the Middle Ages is a wide-ranging and insightful book that is carefully researched and gracefully written. It is of importance alike to those interested in mysticism, Middle English, the twelfth century, the fourteenth century...

Male Authors, Female Readers
Representation and Subjectivity in Middle English Devotional Literature
Anne Clark Bartlett

The Gendering of Melancholia
Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and the Symbolics of Loss
Juliana Schiesari
The pantheon of renowned melancholics—from Shakespeare's Hamlet to Walter Benjamin—includes no women, an absence that in Juliana Schiesari's view points less to a dearth of unhappy women in patriarchal culture than to the lack of significance accorded...

Heroic Sagas and Ballads
Stephen A. Mitchell
In Heroic Sagas and Ballads, Stephen A. Mitchell examines the world of the medieval Icelandic legendary sagas and their legacy in Scandinavia.

The Witness and the Other World
Exotic European Travel Writing, 400–1600
Mary Baine Campbell
Surveying exotic travel writing in Europe from late antiquity to the age of discover, The Witness and the Other World illustrates the fundamental human desire to change places, if only in the imagination. Mary B. Campbell looks at works by pilgrims...

Writing from History
The Rhetoric of Exemplarity in Renaissance Literature
Timothy Hampton

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