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From the Margins of Empire
Christina Stead, Doris Lessing, Nadine Gordimer
Louise Yelin
Situated at the intersection of the colonial and the postcolonial, the modern and the postmodern, the novelists Christina Stead, Doris Lessing, and Nadine Gordimer all bear witness to this century's global transformations. From the Margins of Empire...

Gothic Reflections
Narrative Force in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
Peter K. Garrett
The Gothic has long been seen as offering a subversive challenge to the norms of realism. Locating both Gothic and mainstream Victorian fiction in a larger literary and cultural field, Peter K. Garrett argues that the oppositions usually posed between...

Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford
Linda Dowling
Dowling offers the first detailed account of Oxford Hellenism, the Victorian philosophical and literary movement that anticipated the modern possibility of homosexuality as a positive social identity.

The Herne's Egg
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats
Written during a period of illness in 1935–1936, Yeats's play combines frank sexual content with bizarre imagery from the Indian and tribal Irish traditions. This edition provides a full transcription of the only extant manuscript version of the play.

Home at Grasmere
Part First, Book First, of "The Recluse"
William Wordsworth

Homeless Dogs and Melancholy Apes
Humans and Other Animals in the Modern Literary Imagination
Laura Brown
Brown shows how the literary works of the 18th century use animal-kind to bring abstract philosophical, ontological, and metaphysical questions into the realm of everyday experience, difference, hierarchy, intimacy, diversity, and transcendence.

The Hour-Glass
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats
This volume brings together all extant manuscripts of "The Hour-Glass," from a handwritten three-page fragment of the 1902 prose version to Yeats's typescripts of the 1922 verse rendition.

The Hummingbird Cabinet
A Rare and Curious History of Romantic Collectors
Judith Pascoe
"This book is . . . a romantic history of romantic collecting. It takes seriously, and by necessity shares, the tendency of romantic histories to dwell upon their own fragmentariness, on the impossibility of capturing an intact history. . . . It...

Imperfect Histories
The Elusive Past and the Legacy of Romantic Historicism
Ann Rigney
Imperfect Histories puts "imperfection" at the heart of a theory of historical representation. Ann Rigney shows how historical writing involves dealing with intractable subjects that resist our efforts to know and to shape them. Those who write...

Imperialism at Home
Race and Victorian Women's Fiction
Susan Meyer

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