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Sophocles' "Oedipus at Colonus"
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats
This edition presents photographs and transcriptions of three revised typescripts of "Oedipus at Colonus" that Yeats prepared and extensively revised over a period of eight-and-a-half months and a reading text based on the first publication of the play.

The Burdens of Perfection
On Ethics and Reading in Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Andrew H. Miller
A study of moral perfectionism in nineteenth-century British culture, this book reads a wide range of essayists, poets, and novelists through the lens of ethics and philosophy of mind.

Lines of Equity
Literature and the Origins of Law in Later Stuart England
Elliott Visconsi
Confronted by a public that seemed to be sunk in barbarism and violence, English writers including John Milton, John Dryden, and Aphra Behn imagined serious literature as an instrument for change.

The Excursion
William Wordsworth
"I am convinced that there are three things to rejoice at in this Age—The Excursion Your Pictures, and Hazlitt's depth of Taste."—John Keats to Benjamin Robert Haydon "I have been reading Wordsworth's Excursion with many tears and prayers too. To me...

Knowing Dickens
Rosemarie Bodenheimer
Bodenheimer explores the thoughtworld of the Victorian novelist who was most deeply intrigued by nineteenth-century ideas about the unconscious mind.

The Art of English Poesy
George Puttenham
The first modernized and fully annotated edition of Puttenham's 1589 text.

The Tower (1928)
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats
Materials include transcriptions and photographs of the earliest recoverable drafts and selected transcriptions from the most interesting manuscripts and annotated typescripts.

"The King of the Great Clock Tower" and "A Full Moon in March"
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats
This volume of the Cornell Yeats contains manuscript materials for both the prose and verse renditions of "The King of the Great Clock Tower" and all of the drafts that resulted in "A Full Moon in March."

Dirt for Art's Sake
Books on Trial from "Madame Bovary" to "Lolita"
Elisabeth Ladenson
Ladenson recounts the most visible of modern obscenity trials involving scandalous books and their authors.

Collaborative One-Act Plays, 1901–1903 ("Cathleen ni Houlihan," "The Pot of Broth," "The Country of the Young," "Heads or Harps")
Manuscript Materials
W. B. Yeats, Lady Gregory
The four short works collected in this book were among the earliest plays to be authored collaboratively by W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory, written during the pivotal years of the "Irish Literary Theatre" experiment of 1899–1901.

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