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Contingent Work
American Employment Relations in Transition
The successful 1997 strike by the Teamsters against UPS, and the overwhelming support the American public gave the strikers highlighted the impact of contingent work—an umbrella term for a variety of tenuous and insecure employment arrangements such...

Finding Time
How Corporations, Individuals, and Families Can Benefit from New Work Practices
Leslie A. Perlow
Why do Americans work so hard? Are the long hours spent at work really necessary to increase organizational productivity? Leslie A. Perlow documents the worklife of employees who assume that for their own success and the success of their organization...

Changing by Design
Organizational Innovation at Hewlett-Packard
Deone Zell
How do corporations achieve change? In the first analytic book about Hewlett-Packard, Deone Zell also offers an ethnography of corporate redesign, documenting Hewlett-Packard's radical reorganization of both a manufacturing and a...

Working Sober
The Transformation of an Occupational Drinking Culture
William J. Sonnenstuhl
Americans assume that workers do not drink on the job and that, if they do, it is because they suffer from alcoholism rather than because they are conforming to occupational expectations. William J. Sonnenstuhl disagrees. He contends that...

The New American Workplace
Transforming Work Systems in the United States
Eileen Appelbaum, Rosemary Batt

Alternatives to Lean Production
Work Organization in the Swedish Auto Industry
Christian Berggren

Making Mondragón
The Growth and Dynamics of the Worker Cooperative Complex
William Foote Whyte, Kathleen King Whyte
Making Mondragón is a groundbreaking look at the history of worker ownership in the Spanish cooperative. First published in 1988, it remains the best source for those looking to glean a rich body of ideas for potential adaptation and implementation elsewhere from Mondragón's long and varied experience.

Ergonomics, Health, and Safety
Perspectives for the Nineties—Festschrift for Paul Verhaegen
The following chapters represent a cross-section of current thinking and action in the related fields of Ergonomics, Health and Safety.

Strategies for Employee Assistance Programs
The Crucial Balance
William J. Sonnenstuhl, Harrison M. Trice

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