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The Art and Culture of Early Greece, 1100-480 B.C.
Jeffrey M. Hurwit
This handsomely illustrated book offers a broad synthesis of Archaic Greek culture. Unlike other books dealing with the art and architecture of the Archaic period, it places these subjects in their historical, social, literary, and intellectual...

The Family in Ancient Rome
New Perspectives
The family is a subject of central importance to political as well as social history of ancient Rome. This book provides an overview of the state of research by presenting some of the most important work being done in this area.

The Origins of Greek Thought
Jean-Pierre Vernant
Jean-Pierre Vernant's concise, brilliant essay on the origins of Greek thought relates the cultural achievement of the ancient Greeks to their physical and social environment and shows that what they believed in was inseparable from the way they...

Rhodes in the Hellenistic Age
Richard M. Berthold
This book offers a detailed political history of Rhodes from the foundation of the Rhodian republic in the fifth century B.C. to the conclusions of Rhodes' alliance with Rome in the second, a period in which Rhodes was a major Mediterranean...

Roman Architecture
Frank Sear
Frank Sear traces the evolution of architecture during the four centuries from the late Republic, when Roman building came of age, to A.D. 330, when Constantine moved the empire's capital to Constantinople. More than 200 photographs, maps, and...

Ancient Greek Architects at Work
Problems of Structure and Design
J.J. Coulton

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