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The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh
Francis Bacon
Jerry Weinberger reinterprets the meaning of Francis Bacon's History and defines its importance to the rise of modern republicanism, liberalism and the politics of progress. His introduction describes the background of Bacon's History placing it in the context of Bacon's work and the sources he may have used. Weinberger comments on the changing...

Fat King, Lean Beggar
Representations of Poverty in the Age of Shakespeare
William C. Carroll
Investigating representations of poverty in Tudor-Stuart England, Fat King, Lean Beggar reveals the gaps and outright contradictions in what poets, pamphleteers, government functionaries, and dramatists of the period said about beggars and...

Malevolent Nurture
Witch-Hunting and Maternal Power in Early Modern England
Deborah Willis
In Malevolent Nurture, Deborah Willis explores the dynamics of witchcraft accusation through legal documents, pamphlet literature, religious tracts, and the plays...

The Power of Commerce
Economy and Governance in the First British Empire
Nancy Koehn, Nancy F. Koehn
What price do states pay for becoming and remaining world powers? Why did the first greatly expanded British Empire collapse so rapidly? Nancy F. Koehn here recounts the urgent challenges that confronted the British in the ten-year period...

Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford
Linda Dowling
Dowling offers the first detailed account of Oxford Hellenism, the Victorian philosophical and literary movement that anticipated the modern possibility of homosexuality as a positive social identity.

Isle of the Saints
Monastic Settlement and Christian Community in Early Ireland
Lisa M. Bitel
Isle of the Saints recreates the harsh yet richly spiritual world of medieval Irish monks on the Christian frontier of barbarian Europe. Lisa Bitel draws on accounts of saints' lives written between 800 and 1200 to explain, from the monks' own...

Bolingbroke and His Circle
The Politics of Nostalgia in the Age of Walpole
Isaac Kramnick
An exploration on Bolingbroke's influence on the politics and literature of the Augustan...

The Battle of the Books
History and Literature in the Augustan Age
Joseph M. Levine
Joseph M. Levine provides a witty and erudite account of one of the most celebrated chapters in English cultural history, the acrimonious quarrel between the "ancients" and the "moderns" which Jonathan Swift dubbed "the Battle of the...

Michael Doyle
Combining a sensitivity to historical detail with a judicious search for general patterns, Empires will engage the attention of social scientists in many...

A Social and Cultural History, 1922 to the Present
Terence Brown
Terence Brown juxtaposes such key topics as nationalism, industrialization, religion, language revival, and censorship with his assessments of the major literary and artistic advances to give us a lively and perceptive view of the Irish past. In the...

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