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Doctoral Education and the Faculty of the Future
Acientists, social scientists, academic administrators, and policymakers describe their efforts to increase and improve the supply of future faculty.

Mi Voz, Mi Vida
Latino College Students Tell Their Life Stories
Amid the flurry of debates about immigration, poverty, and education in the United States, the stories in Mi Voz, Mi Vida allow us to reflect on how young people who might be most affected by the results of these debates actually navigate through...

Balancing Two Worlds
Asian American College Students Tell Their Life Stories
"Those who find themselves living in the Americas, no matter what their ethnic, educational, or economic background, must ultimately 'become their own personalities,' melding their point of view with their points of origin and their places of...

The City on the Hill
A History of Leuven University, 1968–2005
Jo Tollebeek, Nys Liesbet
This book tells a story of contestation, but also of professionalization, of ever more specialized scholarship and its research triumph.

Moving Up in the New Economy
Career Ladders for U.S. Workers
Joan Fitzgerald
"The United States used to be a country where ordinary people could expect to improve their economic condition as they moved through life. For millions of us, this is no longer the case. Many Americans today have a lower standard of living as...

Governing Academia
Who is in charge at the modern university?
Public concern over sharp increases in undergraduate tuition has led many to question why colleges and universities cannot behave more like businesses and cut their costs to hold tuition down. Ronald G. Ehrenberg and his coauthors assert that...

My Freshman Year
What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student
Rebekah Nathan
After more than fifteen years of teaching, Rebekah Nathan, a professor of anthropology at a large state university, realized that she no longer understood the behavior and attitudes of her students. Fewer and fewer participated in class discussion...

Powerful Environments for Promoting Deep Conceptual and Strategic Learning
Lieven Verschaffel, Erik de Corte, Gellof Kanselaar, Martin Valcke
Over the past years a substantial amount of research has been undertaken relating to the development of powerful learning environments for the acquisition in students of worthwhile educational objectives focussing on conceptual understanding...

Leuven University Library, 1425–2000
Sapientia aedificavit sibi domum
The Library reflects not only six centuries of University history, but also many chapters of European history and even world history in the last century.

Learning Disabilities
A Challenge to Teaching and Instruction
Research on learning disabilities has known a tremendous growth the last 25 years. Yet, despite the progress that is made in diverse domains, learning disabilities still stay a serious challenge to teaching and instruction. In this book the authors...

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