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Theatrical Heritage
Challenges and Opportunities
n accessible essays written by theater and music scholars, performers, directors, conservators, and administrators from Europe and the United States, new methods are advanced to reactivate the theatrical past.

Theories of the Theatre
A Historical and Critical Survey, from the Greeks to the Present
Marvin Carlson
Beginning with Aristotle and the Greeks and ending with semiotics and post-structuralism, Theories of the Theatre is the first comprehensive survey of Western dramatic theory. In this expanded edition the author has updated the book and added a new...

Three Comedies
"Miles Gloriosus," "Pseudolus," "Rudens"
A major comic artist in Republican Rome, Plautus left a legacy of twenty inventive comedies that display an exuberance and zany sense of humor that are distinctly Roman.

The Total Work of Art in European Modernism
David Roberts
Situating the Gesamtkunstwerk at the heart of European modernism.

Two Faces of Oedipus
Sophocles' "Oedipus Tyrannus" and Seneca's "Oedipus"
Sophocles, Seneca
Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus is the most famous of ancient tragedies and a literary masterpiece. It is not, however, the only classical dramatization of Oedipus' quest to discover his identity. Between four and five hundred years after Sophocles' play...

Visualizing the Nation
Gender, Representation, and Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France
Joan B. Landes
Popular images of women were everywhere in revolutionary France. Although women's political participation was curtailed, female allegories of liberty, justice, and the republic played a crucial role in the passage from old regime to modern society...

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