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Tropical Forests and Their Crops
Nigel J. H. Smith, J. T. Williams, Donald L. Plucknett, Jennifer P. Talbot
The tropics are the source of many of our familiar fruits, vegetables, oils, and spice, as well as such commodities as rubber and wood. Moreover, other tropical fruits and vegetables are being introduced into our markets to offer variety to our diet. Now, as tropical forests are increasingly threatened, we face a double-fold crisis: not only...

Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
The Contemporary Core Literature
Wallace C. Olsen
The first of an eight-volume series, The Literature of the Agricultural Sciences, this book analyzes the trends in the published literature of agricultural economics and rural sociology during the past fifty years. It uses citation analysis and other...

Insects that Feed on Trees and Shrubs
Warren T. Johnson, Howard H. Lyon
This comprehensive handbook, acclaimed when it was first published in 1976 as "one of the most useful reference manuals on diagnostic entomology yet produced," has now been completely revised and expanded to reflect recent advances in technology and...

Modern Winemaking
Philip Jackisch
A practical, comprehensive guide to winemaking, wines, and wine appreciation, written by an expert uniquely qualified by many years of experience in the...

Autobiography of a Farm Boy
Isaac Phillips Roberts
This autobiography of the first Dean of the College of Agriculture at Cornell University offers an unconventional account of farm life in New York and the Middle West during the nineteenth century, and of the difficulties attendant upon building up...

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