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Globalizing in Hard Times
The Politics of Banking-Sector Opening in the Emerging World
Leonardo Martinez-Diaz
In Globalizing in Hard Times, Leonardo Martinez-Diaz examines the sudden and substantial increase in cross-border ownership of commercial banks in countries where bank ownership had long been restricted by local rules. Many parties—the World Bank and...

States' Gains, Labor's Losses
China, France, and Mexico Choose Global Liaisons, 1980–2000
Dorothy J. Solinger
In this comparative work, Dorothy J. Solinger examines the effects of global markets on the domestic politics of major states, emphasizing the tensions and compromises between the working class and their political leaders in the face...

Border Games
Policing the U.S.-Mexico Divide
Peter Andreas
The second edition of this book places the continued sharp escalation of border policing in the context of a transformed post-September 11 security...

The Political Dynamics of Cooperation
Chad Rector
Why would states ever give up their independence to join federations? While federation can provide more wealth or security than self-sufficiency, states can in principle get those benefits more easily by cooperating through international organizations...

Nations and Nationalism
Ernest Gellner
First published in 1983, Nations and Nationalism remains one of the most influential explanations of the emergence of nationalism ever written. This updated edition of Ernest Gellner's now-canonical work includes a new introductory essay from John Breuilly, tracing the way the field has evolved over the past two decades, and a bibliography of...

Protectors of Privacy
Regulating Personal Data in the Global Economy
Abraham L. Newman
From credit-card purchases to electronic fingerprints, the amount of personal data available to government and business is growing exponentially. All industrial societies face the problem of how to regulate this vast world of information, but...

The Order of Genocide
Race, Power, and War in Rwanda
Scott Straus
Challenging the prevailing wisdom, Straus provides substantial new evidence about local patterns of violence, using original research to assess competing theories about about the causes and dynamics of the genocide.

The Hidden Costs of Clean Election Reform
Frederic Charles Schaffer
Schaffer reveals how tinkering with the electoral process, even with the best of intentions, can easily damage democratic ideals.

Base Politics
Democratic Change and the U.S. Military Overseas
Alexander Cooley
Cooley examines how domestic politics in different host countries, especially in periods of democratic transition, affect the status of U.S. bases and the degree to which the U.S. military has become a part of their local and national landscapes.

Organizations at War in Afghanistan and Beyond
Abdulkader H. Sinno
Sinno closely examines the fortunes of the various factions in Afghanistan that have been fighting each other and foreign armies since the 1979 Soviet invasion, offering a new understanding of how their organizational structure determine success.

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