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The Future of the Holocaust
Between History and Memory
Berel Lang
In The Future of the Holocaust, Berel Lang continues his inquiry into the causal mechanisms of decision-making and conduct in Nazi Germany and into responses to the genocide by individuals and nations—an inquiry that he began in Act and Idea in...

Democracy, Revolution, and History
The work of Barrington Moore, Jr., is one of the landmarks of modern social science. A distinguished roster of contributors here discusses the influence of his best-known work, Social Origins of Dictatorship and...

Writing Ancient History
Neville Morley
How do ancient historians pursue their craft? From the evidence of coins, pottery shards, remains of buildings, works of art, and, above all, literary texts—all of which have survived more or less accidentally from antiquity—they fashion works of...

Ammianus Marcellinus and the Representation of Historical Reality
Timothy D. Barnes
Barnes explores the historian's biases and personal prejudices, documenting seemingly intentional distortions and demonstrating that Ammianus advanced a pessimistic and anti-Christian interpretation of the Roman Empire.

History and Memory after Auschwitz
Dominick LaCapra
The relations between memory and history have recently become a subject of contention, and the implications of that debate are particularly troubling for aesthetic, ethical, and political issues. Dominick LaCapra focuses on the interactions among history, memory, and ethicopolitical...

The Foundation of Rome
Myth and History
Alexandre Grandazzi
At once a historical essay and a self-conscious meditation on the writing of history, The Foundation of Rome takes as its starting point a series of accounts of Rome's origins offered over the course of centuries. Alexandre Grandazzi places...

Reconstructing Early Rome
Gary B. Miles
Gary B. Miles reveals in Livy's history a creative interplay between traditional stories, contemporary ideological assumptions, and the historian's own perspective at the margins of Roman...

Walter Benjamin and the Demands of History
This book is the first to consider the presence of history and the question of historical practice in Walter Benjamin's work.

In the Land of Lady White Blood
Southern Thailand and the Meaning of History
Lorraine Gesick
An examination—through manuscripts preserved from the seventeenth century to the present—of the historical sensibilities and mindset of rural...

Soundings in Critical Theory
Dominick LaCapra
This collection of essays offers a provocative assessment of the nature of historical understanding and the role of critical theory in historical understanding.

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