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From Colonials to Provincials
American Thought and Culture 1680–1760
Ned C. Landsman

Liberty's Daughters
The Revolutionary Experience of American Women, 1750–1800
Mary Beth Norton
First published in 1980 and recently out of print, Liberty's Daughters is widely considered a landmark book on the history of American women and on the Revolution...

Going Public
Women and Publishing in Early Modern France

Inside the Great House
Planter Family Life in Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake Society
Daniel Blake Smith
Inside the Great House explores the nature of family life and kinship in planter households of the Chesapeake during the eighteenth century—a pivotal era in the history of the American family. Drawing on a wide assortment of personal documents—among them wills, inventories, diaries, family letters, memoirs, and autobiographies—as well as on the...

Travels through the Middle Settlements in North-America in the Years 1759 and 1760
With Observations upon the State of the Colonies
Andrew Burnaby
The Reverend Andrew Burnaby embarked on a two-year tour of the American colonies in 1759. Originally published in 1775, his account of his travels includes commentaries about people, politics, taxes, trade, and remains a valuable primary...

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