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The Mute Immortals Speak
Pre-Islamic Poetry and Poetics of Ritual
Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych
Stetkevych offers the first aesthetics appropriate for the Bedouin oral poetry, the pre-Islamic qasidah, or ode, which was collected in the second or third Islamic century and stands as a foundation of Arabo-Islamic literary culture.

The Uskoks of Senj
Piracy, Banditry, and Holy War in the Sixteenth-Century Adriatic
Catherine Wendy Bracewell
In this highly original work, Catherine Wendy Bracewell reconstructs and analyzes the tumultuous history of the uskoks of Senj, the martial bands who operated on the Habsburg Military Frontier in Croatia between the 1530s and the 1620s.

Mohammed, Charlemagne, and the Origins of Europe
The Pirenne Thesis in the Light of Archaeology
Richard Hodges, David Whitehouse
In this concise book, Richard Hodges and David Whitehouse review the 'Pirenne thesis' in the light of archaeological information from northern Europe, the Mediterranean and western Asia.

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