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Dewey's Ethical Thought
Jennifer Welchman
In the first book on the development ofJohn Dewey's ethical thought, Jennifer Welchman revises the prevalent interpretation of his ethics. Her clear and engaging account traces the history of Dewey's distinctive moral philosophy from its roots in idealism during the 1890s through the pragmatist approach of his 1922 work, Human Nature and...

Ethical Norms, Particular Cases
James D. Wallace
James D. Wallace treats moral considerations as beliefs about the right and wrong ways of doing things—beliefs whose source and authority are the same as any other kind of practical knowledge. Principles, rules, and norms arise from...

Gassendi's Ethics
Freedom in a Mechanistic Universe
Lisa T. Sarasohn
This is the first book to explore the ethical thought of Pierre Gassendi, the seventeenth-century French priest who rehabilitated Epicurean philosophy in the Western tradition. Lisa T. Sarasohn's discussion of the relationship between Gassendi's...

Reproducing Persons
Issues in Feminist Bioethics
Laura M. Purdy

And Other Essays on Honor, Social Discomfort, and Violence
William Ian Miller
A brilliant, sometimes unsettling look at how ancient codes of honor figure in the social discomforts of everyday life.

A Philosophical Reader
There has been a marked revival of interest among philosophers in the topic of friendship. This collection of fifteen essays presents an admirable range of the diverse contemporary approaches to friendship within philosophy.

On the Moral Architecture of the Economy
William James Booth
What human purpose does an economy serve? In this pathbreaking book, William James Booth examines what he calls the moral architecture of the economy—its significance in our ethical world and the influence of social values on its institutions. Turning...

Delicate Subjects
Romanticism, Gender, and the Ethics of Understanding
Julie Ellison

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