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Three Comedies
"Miles Gloriosus," "Pseudolus," "Rudens"
A major comic artist in Republican Rome, Plautus left a legacy of twenty inventive comedies that display an exuberance and zany sense of humor that are distinctly Roman.

Seneca's "Hercules Furens"
A Critical Text with Introduction and Commentary
John G. Fitch's new Latin text of Seneca's play, Hercules Furens, is based on a collation of the chief manuscripts, including the Paris manuscript T.

Trojan Women
This free and eloquent translation skillfully reproduces the imagery, power, and frequent irony and sarcasm of Seneca's...

Here is a moving and accomplished translation of this complex play dealing the the violent passions stirred by innocence and beauty and the terrible power of ideology, hatred, and misunderstanding.

In this powerful and imaginative translation of Medea, Frederick Ahl retains the compelling effects of the monologues, as well as the special feeling and pacing of Seneca's choruses.

Roman Comedy
David Konstan
This book explores the social institutions, the prevailing social values, and the ideology of the ancient city-state as revealed in Roman Comedy. "The very essence of comedy is social," writes David Konstan, "and in the complex movement of its...

Stag of Love
The Chase in Medieval Literature
Marcelle Thiébaux
The Stag of Love explores the body of erotic metaphor that developed in medieval literature and art from the hunt as influenced by Ovid's flourishing...

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