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History and Social Theory
Peter Burke
The second edition of this indispensable review of the emergence of the fields of history and social science and traces their tentative convergence as he reappraises the relations between them.

Medieval Narrative Sources
A Gateway into the Medieval Mind

The Fragility of Empathy after the Holocaust
Carolyn J. Dean
When we are confronted with images of and memoirs from the Holocaust and subsequent cases of vast cruelty and suffering, is our impulse to empathize put at risk by the possibility of becoming numb to horror? Carolyn J. Dean's provocative new...

Escaping Auschwitz
A Culture of Forgetting
Ruth Linn
On 7 April 1944 a Slovakian Jew, Rudolf Vrba (born Walter Rosenberg), and a fellow prisoner, Alfred Wetzler, succeeded in escaping from Auschwitz-Birkenau. As block registrars both men had been allowed relative (though always risky) freedom of...

History in Transit
Experience, Identity, Critical Theory
Dominick LaCapra
An exploration of the links within the study of history between experience and identity, history and various theories of subjectivity, extreme events and their representation, institutional structures and the knowledge produced within...

Historical International Standard Classification of Occupations
Ineke Maas, Andrew Miles, Koen Matthijs, Marco H. D. van Leeuwen

Imperfect Histories
The Elusive Past and the Legacy of Romantic Historicism
Ann Rigney
Imperfect Histories puts "imperfection" at the heart of a theory of historical representation. Ann Rigney shows how historical writing involves dealing with intractable subjects that resist our efforts to know and to shape them. Those who...

From Reliable Sources
An Introduction to Historical Methods
Martha C. Howell, Walter Prevenier
A lively introduction to historical methodology, an overview of the techniques historians must master in order to reconstruct the past.

Collecting and Historical Consciousness in Early Nineteenth-Century Germany
Susan Crane, Susan A. Crane
This provocative book challenges long-held assumptions about the nature of historical consciousness in Germany. Susan A. Crane argues that the ever-more-elaborate preservation of the historical may actually reduce the likelihood that history can...

China Transformed
Historical Change and the Limits of European Experience
Bin Wong, R. Bin Wong
"This bold, intellectually ambitious, and wholly original book challenges the way in which Western social science understands China.... It will set the standard for all future comparative and theoretical research on China."—Timothy Brook...

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