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The End of Roman Britain
Michael E. Jones
Jones offers a lucid and thorough analysis of the economic, social, military, and environmental problems that contributed to the failure of the Romans, drawing on literary sources and on recent archaeological evidence.

Mothers in Mourning
Nicole Loraux
"Nicole Loraux brilliantly elucidates how Athenian politics were 'gendered' in the Classical period. She investigates the Athenian state's interdiction of ritualized mourning by women, in a city where public mourning constituted a vital act of civic...

The Foundation of Rome
Myth and History
Alexandre Grandazzi
At once a historical essay and a self-conscious meditation on the writing of history, The Foundation of Rome takes as its starting point a series of accounts of Rome's origins offered over the course of centuries. Alexandre Grandazzi places...

Reconstructing Early Rome
Gary B. Miles
Gary B. Miles reveals in Livy's history a creative interplay between traditional stories, contemporary ideological assumptions, and the historian's own perspective at the margins of Roman...

The Archaeology of Greece
An Introduction
William R. Biers
An introduction for students, teachers, and lay readers to the delights of exploring the world of ancient Greece.

Taming Democracy
Models of Political Rhetoric in Classical Athens
Harvey Yunis
How does one speak to a large, diverse mass of ordinary, sovereign citizens and persuade them to render wise decisions? For Thucydides, Plato, and Demosthenes, who observed classical Athenian democracy in action, this was an urgent question. Harvey Yunis looks at how these three—historian, philosopher, politician respectively—explored the...

Culture and National Identity in Republican Rome
Erich S. Gruen
A compelling account of the assimilation and adaptation of Greek culture by the Romans during the middle and later Republic.

Golden Mouth
The Story of John Chrysostom—Ascetic, Preacher, Bishop
J. N. D. Kelly
"No other author has delved so deeply into the life and work of this complex, influential, and tragic figure of the fourth century and produced such a far-ranging but precise, solidly researched, and eminently readable account. . . . Chrysostom...

Domestic and Divine
Roman Mosaics in the House of Dionysos
Christine Kondoleon
In this lavishly illustrated volume, Christine Kondoleon conducts us through the House of Dionysos, showing us what its interior decoration discloses about its inhabitants and their...

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