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Living Ethically, Acting Politically
Melissa A. Orlie
Melissa A. Odie asks what it means to live responsibly amid historical harm and wrongdoing, in the wake of slavery and genocide, or in the face of severe resource...

Living to Tell about It
A Rhetoric and Ethics of Character Narration
James Phelan
Phelan's compelling readings cover important theoretical ground by introducing a valuable distinction between disclosure functions and narrator functions.

The Devil in the Middle Ages
Jeffrey Burton Russell
Drawing on an impressive array of sources from popular religion, art, literature, and drama, as well as from scholastic philosophy, mystical theology, homiletics, and hagiography, Russell provides a detailed treatment of Christian diabology in the Middle Ages.

Masculinity and Morality
Larry May
In these philosophically reflective essays, Larry May argues against standard accounts of traditional male behavior, discussing male anger, paternity, pornography, rape, sexual harassment, the exclusion of women, and what he terms the myth of uncontrollable male...

Moral Wisdom and Good Lives
John Kekes
In this profound and yet accessible book, John Kekes discusses moral wisdom: a virtue essential to living a morally good and personally satisfying life. He advances a broad, nontechnical argument that considers the adversities inherent in the human condition and assists in the achievement of good lives.The possession of moral wisdom, Kekes...

My Word!
Plagiarism and College Culture
Susan D. Blum
"Classroom Cheats Turn to Computers." "Student Essays on Internet Offer Challenge to Teachers." "Faking the Grade." Headlines such as these have been blaring the alarming news of an epidemic of plagiarism and cheating in American colleges: more than...

Nietzsche's Conscience
Six Character Studies from the "Genealogy"
Aaron Ridley
Aaron Ridley explores Nietzsche's mature ethical thought as expressed in his masterpiece, arranging his book thematically around the six characters who loom largest in that work—slave, priest, philosopher, artist, scientist, and...

Norms and Practices
James M. Wallace
Wallace shows that norms of all kinds, including ethical norms, are intensely social constructs learned through constant interaction with others.

On Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics 1–4, 7–8"
Aspasius' commentary on the "Nicomachean Ethics", of which six books have come down to us, is the oldest surviving Greek commentary on any of Aristotle's works, dating to the middle of the second century AD. It offers precious insight into the...

On Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics 8 and 9"
Aspasius, Michael of Ephesus, Anonymous

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